July 18, 2016

Specific and Wild

Specific and Wild 

12" x 12" oil on canvas


July 7, 2016

to fight with faith and grace.

to fight with faith and grace.

2' x 2' oil on canvas


It is almost like the material from a carpet bag came to life and unfolded on my head. 

or all woodland creatures got together and created a birthday crown. 

but it is how I live.

May 19, 2016

I was planning on being a jockey.

My life does not look like I thought it would. 

I was planning on being a jockey. 

I always dressed like one on career day. and I subscribed to Horse Illustrated magazine. I picked out saddle pads and lead ropes on a regular basis and assumed that when you got old enough you could have all of the things in catalogues that you dreamed about having. 

On the side, I was going to be a vet. also. 

And then I was getting married after college and naming about five babies.

Many of my major life decisions were to be made before I turned 23.


Somewhere in middle or high school I started making a lot of art.
When I was in elementary school I loved it.
but I mostly loved thinking of projects over an extended period of time. I loved problem solving and inventing.

I had a more mature grasp on the concept of art than I knew.
that it isn't just any one thing.


In elementary school you started something on a Friday in art class and then waited until the next Friday to continue the project. It was painful to leave something like that for a whole week and I was always super anxious to get back in there and work on it. 

Elizabeth Barron was better than me at drawing, so I didn't identify as an artist specifically. 

I identified as weird. and excited.

My dad told me that was cool.
and to do the thing no one else was doing was maybe even cooler.  If it was honorable or interesting.

That is why when we were in fifth grade and you chose a color t shirt for graduation I waited until everyone chose their color. and then I picked orange. 

Only orange one.


The issue I have now is that while I identify as an artist, I still love so many things.

On the contrary, because I identify as an artist. This is not an issue.

or. it sort of is. because time is.

(when people relate to your work. it's the best)

I spend a lot of time working in the company of students and adults who have special needs. My capacity is as a teacher or artist or art collaborator.  This means a lot of my work life is in an honest and authentic environment. I am very blessed because of this.

Also, this means a lot of my work is pretty sacred. And what I mean by that is I get to be involved in pretty amazing lives and in pretty neat ways.

I think all teachers do sacred work. by the way.

Other jobs share this attribute too, like nurses. hey nurses!

It is from this sacred place that I find the meaning and the purpose in the work that I do.

It is where illustration meets energy and sculpture meets heart and painting meets pain.

 my work, it becomes valuable in a new way.




I also spend a lot of time in the company of collaborators and makers.

For this I am also blessed.

student work for LIVE ART: BLUE

(And if this were a script, the direction right here would say:  pull handful of sequins out of backpack and throw forward.)



The most important thing I can tell you about right now is that LIVE ART is having its fourth show on JUNE 5.

And if it is possible to go, go.

Here is a link for ticket purchase.

Your tickets help fund this TUITION FREE program for students with and without special needs.

This program that is an opportunity for students of all abilities to feel what it is like to be heard, seen, and celebrated
for their talents, willingness, energy, spirit, and ----geez whenever I get going it sounds like I am sugar coating something but if you saw it you would realize. yeah.

ok she's right.

and you would realize that YOU need to see it. specifically YOU.

Go see it. Even if it is because I have mentioned it every year and you are the tiniest bit curious.

also we sell out which is wonderful. but I want everyone to see it, so get your ticket today. It is filling up.


My spring semester in sign language interpreting school is done. woo.
and summer semester is now starting.

school keeps me from staying more up to date on here.

There are seasons in life where documentation is possible. and then there are seasons in life where I am eating Lucky Charms at 1 am.


I am on the floor taking a break from set painting for LIVE ART: BLUE.

I am not a jockey.

I really thought I was going to be one.


February 18, 2016

I cannot account for the last several hours of the day.

With everything going on, I am at that place again where there is less sleep and random important things that arise. 

Like cleaning the one corner of the room I have been wanting to reorganize. You know. That sort of thing becomes a priority when there is a quiz due and a work deadline. 

Or once I HAD to make cupcakes with small footballs on them. 


Sometimes time passes and then I think parts of everything are getting done but my to do list still looks like confetti.

a bad thing?


except I am slightly crazy lately.

and also 
some things on my to do list are amazingly wild and let's be honest- often ridiculous.

one being:
keep up with happenings here

one being:
JUNE 5. LIVE ART is back.
why don't you come this time?
it's probably the best one.
I say that each time BECAUSE IT IS TRUE.

re my sanity this week
My new laptop leapt out of my backpack in rebellion. 

I think it is ok... I hope so.

February 4, 2016

Show me the small amazing things

Show me the small amazing things
oil on canvas
12" x 12"


As my schedule is filling up, I have somehow added more time for painting. 

It is very indicative of the need to make things. 

My need to make things. 

The less time I have, the more necessary it feels to produce the things I want say. 
Or see. 

Both really. 


I go to school until 10 pm some nights of the week. It buries my brain. 

I am trying to learn a language and how to comprehend, transfer and reformulate messages. 

(Sign Language Interpretation) 

It takes all the mental energy I have. 

But that exhaustion somehow makes my work more vibrant. 

and it puts me in a raw place more often. 

In my work with people of all abilities. 

This work will always keep me focused on the deep and important things in life. 
because of all the people involved.
their hearts. 

It is a liberating place to be really.

I feel like we are all looking for a place to be richly authentic. 
And I get to do that several times a week. For that, I realize how fortunate I am.

 To get to absorb this richness in life. The real meaning. I think. 

To find love through understanding. 

I told you I was walking around in a raw place. 


Here are a couple shots from artists at Milk River Arts talking about art. 
talking about 

Their Work.

integrated career-focused support for artists with special needs through professional studio practice and exhibition opportunities.

One of the artists turned all the way around in his seat when we were talking about his. 

Takes some getting used to...

Addressing your own work.

your insides are exposed. 

But the beauty of letting that happen. The next level that takes you to- WORTH IT.


February 1, 2016

I just want to see things, and love them.

Everything is complicated. 

I just want to see things, and love them. 

2' x 2' 
oil on canvas


January 28, 2016

artists. and glorious escaping things.

One of my students was having a hard time narrowing down what they wanted to say in a project. 

Her paper was covered in ideas. 

She said.. I just have so much to say. 

and put her head down.

I said, me too. 

That's why I am an artist. 

It is impossible to only hold onto the hard things. The glorious ones are bound to escape.
oil on canvas
12" x 12"

January 7, 2016

There is, of course, the option to fly.

There is, of course, the option to fly. 

12" x 12" 
oil on canvas 


December 23, 2015

Christmas. and a little SALE on one piece.

Christmas gets crazy because so many people are trying to show their love appropriately. 

I think that is amazing really. 

There is so much complaining about how wild it gets. and busy. 

But it can be exactly what you want it to be. 

The pressure is self-applied. 

My mom and I had too much to do this week, but we realized we were in the same area of town and got lunch. 
 it took an hour to get our food. We lamazed through the wait. HAHAHA. We had to laugh. 
We considered it a Christmas intervention. 

Being together. 

In the same spirit, social media is always looking like CHEER TOWN USA. but I don't think it is hypocrisy at all. 
Some people get very jaded and it annoys them. 

Not me. 

I see all of that as hope. 

It is what people want, even if they don't have everything completely perfect right now. 

No one ever will. 

But we can have moments of insane joy and thankfulness and love. 

So showing that is fine by me. 

I see it as good. 


I am very thankful for a lot of things in my life right now. 

I am also easily overcome with the reality of obstacles and the work that needs to happen. 

But right now there is a dog in the studio. So, if you see a picture of him on social media it doesn't mean everything is perfect. 
It means everything is perfect right at that very moment. 

Merry Christmas. 

I will be waiting for this little angel of a niece. 

December 18, 2015

Also. I painted a bee.

Also. I painted a bee.

and that is the title. 

10" x 10"
oil on canvas


i love music. almost more than everything.