April 21, 2015



It is raw. and real. and powerful. 

And. When I am walking or running. or sitting. I put my hand on the brick wall. the sidewalk. the airport shuttle. the church cinderblock. the baby's foot. Whatever is there.

And I am in the present. 


The present is the best place to be because it is where everything is possible. It is where dreams are completed 

or disregarded.

The choice is to run from discomfort. or move into it. 

The present is where hope lives. 

you would think it lives in the future. 

But let it live in the


it helps your walk become a run. 

and your run. 


a fly. 

This is Nella.

When she was born, I wrote her momma an email. Because her momma is a great photographer and writer.

And I felt connected to her.
So I followed my instinct.

Good thing I was right.

We have been friends for five years.
Good friends.

I would call her one of my best friends. We speak the same language. and text. call. and skype when things are insane. or scary. or amazing.

We think we were born in the same hospital. High-fived our little baby hands and then worked on projects until we saw each other again.

We volley around art ideas and help each other with work.

We are artists that love human beings.
beautiful things.
raw places.

and our hearts beat in this ridiculous pattern. almost out of our chests.

and we hugged last week.

Five years later.

Adventure is what life is for.


Kelle: http://www.kellehampton.com/

They are like wings.. see.

I have loved both of them for a while.

So good to be together.

We soaked it up.

in cow pajamas. with stickers. swimming pools. ballet class.
beaches. alligators. grapefruit slices in our beer. thai food.

and lots of creative conversation and brainstorms.

until going to bed exhausted. with wet hair. and a closer understanding 
of what support and love looks like. 

                                                                                                                                                                       photo credit:Kelle Hampton

March 30, 2015

that dream where you miss a quiz.

When you go back to school you have dreams that you will miss an exam. 

or have a quiz you did not know about. 

That dream even happened to me when I wasn't taking a class. 

Working and school is a funny animal. It's super empowering and exciting and then also discombobulating. 

For four seconds a day I get stressed about it and then I remember it is a really amazing opportunity. 

This ability for us to do exactly what we want. when we want. 

to change up our lives. or to enhance them. 

(in my case I am in school to become a sign language interpreter. which is part of my art. not separate from. I am going nowhere. just talking to more people ;) ) 

I love to learn. So. sitting in a classroom is one of my favorite places. 
I could take less work
but when I am working towards something I really want, I realize it comes with the territory


totally familiar.

I think I have 42 lists around my house that tell me when things are due. 

I also carry several bags around. A computer bag. A teaching bag. A school bag. A project bag. A bag with just a glue gun in it that keeps showing up wherever I go.

Honestly it is a little crazy. but I am not a martyr. I am just juggling(flaming torches). 

I also eat neat things like significant blocks of cheese. 
and salt and vinegar chips. 



oh. also. 

that quiz. 
I missed it.


in real life. 

and I am still distraught about the mix up and how it played out. The student in me is horrified and currently playing out a tragic stage death..spotlight...downstage left. 
(back in college I never skipped a single class. slept through one and cried but thats it) 

but the other parts of me are laughing really hard. 
because this is my life right now.

I missed a quiz. 
I got a parking ticket Thursday. 
Someone hit and run my truck and took my side mirror off.


I am sort of kicking ass. 

because I have chances. 


March 16, 2015

This is where I am right now.


I am in a constant state of looking for amazing and authentic. and in doing that. 

Those things. 

They show up.


I was invited to be a part of an art and faith panel a few days ago. 

Before we went up, I looked behind me at the crowd and thought... 

one of the most beautiful places is where human beings are eager to learn from each other. 

Eager to HEAR and UNDERSTAND and GROW with each other. 


I am in the early stages of several projects with people who take risks and are interested in work that says something. 

Work that DOES something. 

And those are the teams I want to be on. The places I want to get muddy.
The projects I want to exhaust me. 


Work and school has been really crazy. 

I am still figuring out how to organize and balance everything. But my life is my art. and it is all part of the same picture. 

It just gets richer. 

When you make work. 

Make marks. 

really intentional. really bold. really brave marks.


March 6, 2015

Some tour birds.

your hat OFTEN does not show your real insides. 

But putting on the hat is actually half the battle. 

focus a little differently...

The birds escaped again. they are on their own little tour. 

Now at:

Grove Ave. | Starbucks Coffee Company
5802 Grove Ave. Richmond, VA
Regular Hours. Open 5:30 AM to 8:00 PM. 


February 24, 2015

February 16, 2015

Long story

except it isnt. 

I just forgot 
and wore my slippers out of the house today. 

I think it has something to do with school plus teaching plus art work plus I have three plants to feed. 


I was painting in a friend's studio this week and heard some people in the gallery behind me discussing work. 

And I thought, one of those voices sounds familiar. 

and something all of a sudden came over me and I knew exactly what voice it was.

My college painting professor - Joseph DiBella.

I walked up and said, "I am going to cry." 

And I did.

He is very special. 

A wonderful teacher and supporter. 

And a huge part of who I am as an artist. 

It was amazing to be able to tell him I am a full time artist 

and show him my current painting. 



I am working on two very large pieces right now and he got to see most of one.

If I am not doing homework these days I am carrying oversized canvases against the wind. I can never figure out how NOT to turn into a sail when running a painting into my home.

Let's just say. 

I am very cool.



February 11, 2015

January 29, 2015

the things that happen

They are the things that make us more beautiful and open and loving. 

     photo credit: Matt Polson                                                                           

     photo credit: Matt Polson

     photo credit: Matt Polson

     photo credit: Matt Polson

     photo credit: Matt Polson

     photo credit: Matt Polson

     photo credit: Matt Polson

     photo credit: Matt Polson

     photo credit: Matt Polson

    photo credit: Matt Polson


                                           photo credit: Matt Polson

taZa Coffee Shop
5047 Forest Hill Avenue, Richmond, VA

Daytime Hours: 
                                          Mon-Sat: 6:30am - 6:00pm Sun: 9:00am - 6:00pm

Additional Evening Hours for:
Live Music. Open Mic Poetry. Special Events

January 20, 2015


I cant even express how hard it was for me. 
and how amazing it is that you can do anything to try to do. if you try really hard. 
and if you accept that it will be crappy for a lot of the journey. 

one day a friend of mine from high school showed up in an email and offered answers to questions and eventually. she helped me make exactly what I wanted. She is a giving. selfless. smarty. 

You guys. I have been working on it for so long. 
I would say that I can rest now, 

BUT I HAVE A SHOW to set up tomorrow!

school started. 

and I am one of those students who gets consumed in the work. 

everything is insane. 

I think thats the consistency I am going to get. 

Im down. 

hey. did you look at my website yet?

January 5, 2015

today starts today.

my dear friend (and seriously wonderful artist)- Claire Hill- introduced me to water mixable oils. 

It gave me more life. 

I think when I started painting with them I told strangers even... in a store. Hi. I am now able to paint in oils ANYWHERE. 

and not be swimming in toxic chemicals.

( DO NOT SWIM IN TURPENTINE. that was just an exaggeration. and I speak largely in superlatives.) 

People who chase a fast heartbeat understand what it is like... to be empowered and charged.

acrylic paint dries very fast. it feels a certain way.
oil dries very slow. can be manipulated more. and pushed.
to me, oil is more sculptural. it is what I love to use. 

so this new avenue has been a gift. 

Thanks Claire. 


I have also been staring at books. 

a lot. 

and speeches. and sermons. and poetry. 

I feel so lucky to be fascinated and affected by words and ideas.

I was reading one of Winston Churchill's speeches this morning. 

and it was talking about imagination. and how it can be a burden because those of us who imagine- 
we have a lot more to carry in our minds. 

it's a responsibility.

we carry more things in our minds than will actually happen. 

and that can be scary and heavy.

and we need to pray to have the strength to handle it. 

I completely understand that. 

and I would rather need that strength than to be less burdened.

It is a gift. to feel deeply and want richness. 
and invent.

to only settle for such richness. 

and to believe in the potential of our reality.


Today starts today. 

OIL. on canvas (thrilled.)

2' x 2' $500.00

and magic. 

it is a responsibility.


i love music. almost more than everything.