October 24, 2014

the beautiful thing about people.


It is not easy to take risks. 
and it is not easy to do something new.
and it is not easy to be vulnerable.
and it is not easy to be courageous. 

and it is not easy to mess up. 

well the messing up is easy but you know. 

tell me about someone who makes you better and braver. in the comments section. and I will draw a winner at the end of next week. 

and you win a 10 x 10 of the print above. 

so you can give it to them yourself. 

so drink a coffee and share. and have a fantastic weekend.

October 19, 2014

real life! it makes you good.


is hard. and awesome. 



it is sweet.


details about this picture- wooden canvas. 8" x 12" 
$ 300.00

October 14, 2014


I cant even finish typing out the word. 

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year. 
It is something I really like. which is weird because I am scared of lots of creepy things. 

but also semi-attracted to them. 

                                                                                                   found these at the fair. obsessed.

who am I kidding. very-attracted. 



( I make them)


(I work with them)


(I have a Christmas ornament alligator covered in glitter that I am really into) 

Costume Characters.

(I worked as a costume character in college and walking into the back work room was my worst nightmare and also amazing.

and just for your information some of those character heads only fit if you turn your head sideways first and straighten up after it is on- CLAUSTROPHOBIA TOWN. they also smell.)


I mean.. I always liked the bowl of eye balls at elementary school parties. 

Maybe it's that I appreciate effort 
and on Halloween I like to walk around and cheer for people who made their house or costume look awesome.

I think people doing things well should get
so much credit. 

I used to work in an office cube. and draw on millions of post it notes. sometimes I find them and really love that they exist. 

do what you do wherever you are. sometimes you look silly. but who cares. 

you do. 

so keep doing things. 

so I like remembering when I would draw on post it notes. crumple them up in my purse. 

and carve my lunch into creatures. 

because not a ton has changed. 

if you have a drive. you just drive wherever you are. 

so, hit the gas.

make a costume.


Do something cool. eat candy. and high five people who are 
doing good things.

                                                                                                 like this little creature I watch sometimes.  carry on.


October 8, 2014

he is everywhere.

I just recently started loving this picture. 

So much. 

me and my dad. 
the day I graduated college.

this picture is everything he was.

just so amazingly authentic. and genuine. 

I want to be like him. 

Shameless repost about my fantastic dad. 

so please,

and go outside today. it is beautiful.


September 25, 2014

I just cant be normal.

I dont know exactly how everyone processes the things they see and feel. 

but I am on a pretty high setting. 

which gets me in a lot of trouble. 


also makes me an artist. 


my nephew is an artist too. sometimes we do collaborative sculptures. no big deal. 


I have been consumed by life lately. and the good news is that my life and my art are the same thing.

at least I try to make them the same thing. 


and on that note. 

its kind of terrifying to now tell you about the two puppet men who lived on my den floor.

I am aware of my life. 

Yep. totally aware. 

I take pictures because I do these things by myself and I am sorry but I cant always handle it totally solo.

Taking these guys to work. 

Where Richmond Ballet adds breath.

These guys are going on tour with two casts of Don Quixote. 

So if success is measured by letting your puppet guys go into the world and DANCE.


I am doing really great right now.


and while I was organizing this post I sat next to two men who complained about the state of the world.


while part of me wanted to barf. part of me also felt really good that I was next to them. in the very same world. writing a post about puppets and heartbeats.
and one of the men has on high tops so... theres hope guys. theres always hope.

September 11, 2014

If you have to. choose a frozen yogurt topping you can be proud of.

I went to the beach two times recently for several days. and I brought work but it stayed in a closet slightly threatened by heat and sand. 

the good news is-
My computer. although it is old and turns off on its own. still works. 

so I am still in the art business. 


I also made two puppets. did some contract design work. and taught a lot of little campers. 
at the same time. 

one time I bought two wigs at Party City for the purpose of WORK. 
and my roommate wore one to make me feel happy...before it went on a puppets head.


The fall is a time for carving pumpkins and having more of a consistent schedule. 
Things are starting up. 

and by things I mean- LIVE ART. 

a program that fills me up and gives me purpose. 

and the craziness of choosing this life levels out just a little bit. 

i mean. barely. 

or sometimes it gives the illusion of...


In any case. I am still in the deep end. and I have a bracelet to prove I have passed my swim test. metaphorically. 

(I never got one this summer because I was content in the standing end reading a magazine.) 

so. onward.


July 21, 2014



and in related things:

It is exhausting to exist in both reality and an alternate universe where making things is real and you feel impassioned to work on making possible into actual

Occasionally I will vent about my life and career choice and before I can finish the sentence I end it with- And I am lucky and I know it.

add rainbows and little fairies with glitter wings.

But sometimes I want to leave the happy closing remark off and be mad for a second that I wasnt in love with accounting or wildly attracted to computer programming. 

because those things have health insurance and paid vacation. 


I am not naive. 

I am not clueless.

I am not irresponsible. 

I am not silly. 

I am not rebellious.
actually yes. Yes I am rebellious. 

Damn my freshman year drawing professor for realizing that. declaring it.
and making me feel like I was sort of awesome because it was somehow working for me. 

and . 


it can be hard being a rebel. 

because even we like a little comfort and stability. 
but .... crap. we are stubborn. 

our hearts trump a lot of everything else.


and by damn him (my professor) I mean. thank you for my cape.
Ive needed it.

July 16, 2014

Ive never had another heart.

I saw a bird genuinely using a birdbath. 

to cool off.

It was a robin and he was enjoying it. 

You would have thought I saw a unicorn. 

I got pretty excited about it.

It doesn't take much. 


I live on the edge. 


and you too can build a little house out here. but you need to wear a life jacket if you are on the dock. even if you are over 12. 


July 3, 2014

rabbit to my right. weird circus creature to my left. Perfect.


you know in tag when you run to a certain part of the playground, grab a piece of the swing set and yell 


I am doing that. 

I am doing that. in my life. 

right now. 


Artwork in this post- 
paint on wooden block
11" x 14" 
email if interested

June 14, 2014


because my dad was amazing and wonderful. 

and patient and encouraging. 

and always loving. 


sometimes when people lose someone they get jealous or callous. 

I knew someone once who lost their dad and was angry and cold every fathers day. 

No part of me feels like that. 

when I see a good dad. 

I feel closer to mine. 

It reminds me how lucky I am.

to be his. 

so. I am never mad. 

I am only touched.

In honor of Fathers Day, here again is a story I wrote about my daddy. 

shameless repost. 
completely shameless.

completely the opposite. 

I hope it makes you full. 


I love music.