May 14, 2010

I think if it looks the way a music box sounds, then it must be beautiful.

Your world is what you make it.

I wished for curtains like these.

So I made them.

And, then there were four.


I took the diamonds off the soles of my shoes and tossed them around our sweet home.

Currently, the mantle theme is Alice in Wonderland.

And I never have enough sequins.

well... there's that rabbit.


I'm pretty sure the best place for everything charming is the bar display in the middle of the kitchen and dining area

Suddenly Spring.

Wine labels are my guilty pleasure... I bought that bottle just to display.


Oh. Look. More curtains. 

Buy fabric regardless of what it is sold as. Buy it if you love it. 

and turn it into what you wish it were. 

and combine.

be all inclusive.

no one likes a pretentious party.

Once upon a head board...

Some birds broke free.

And again. 

Your world is what you make it. 

And, what you make in it.

And you are 
who you think you are.

I love that I threw some thread here one day and realized. Oh. boy. That actually goes...So there it stays.

AND. very importantly. Use shutters to hold your glasses. When you have 4353453 pairs of magic shades. 

Or as I call it:
It is summer whenever the heck you say it is. 

and write notes to people you love. 

One day, some red pen on a post it will mean more than you know.

(my dad knew) 

P.S. Sometimes, the best things in life ARE free.

But Vogue isn't.

So I guess these angels cost a subscription. to Vogue... and the newspaper. 

Oh, do come back. 

And tell your friends. 

See my site for more TREASURES. 


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