August 10, 2010

Watermelon Parade.

If I ever complain about things. Remind me that today I don't have poison ivy on my face. (Unless of course I do have it on that particular day.) because that has happened. And that felt close to a worst case wake up scenario. It was a lesson in humility, walking through Target.

And FYI. poison ivy hurts sometimes more than itches. Word.


In other news.

If I complain, remind me how good it is that this picture is not fake. or staged. But that I do own a bike with a white chain.

Because when the bike shop says, "We can replace that chain with a regular one or.. wait. we have colored chains if that is important to you."

I say: "Yes. Color is important to me."

note: slight jest and light heartedness behind the bike shop statement.
complete seriousness and focus in mine.

Color is my business.



We may or may not have been planning to make smores.

In the oven.

and setting off the fire alarm.


But, in a different kind of colorful,

 some things are seriously hard and disheartening.

And that is all part of a journey. Ask the cast members of the Bachelorette. ok.

So it is great that, along the way, you can peace out from big decisions and projects and ride your bike to a Watermelon Festival.

And celebrate what you have.

And celebrate where you are.

And celebrate that you are going.





for the past two weekends,

my sister has performed in an outdoor theater production of Pippin.

Look at her on the left- throwing it down all Bob Fosse style.

Theater + Outside = oneofthebestthingsinlife.

seriously. add those letters and you get that!


But look at her go.

She's a full time nurse. delivering babies in the day. and dancing in a theater at night.


And if you know the story of Pippin, you know it is super appropriate to this post.

The prince desperately searches for meaning and magic and extraordinary things.
But he realizes that he was searching for things that were empty. and less real.
and that the real extraordinary magic is in relationships and in the richness of your life.

It is not about being clouded by expectations of better things.  But about being content.
 and loving what is right in front of you.

how full is your cup?

Mine is super full. even though there is that great big crack down the side of it.

Character people. Character.


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