March 28, 2012

MONUMENT AVENUE 10K 2012 and the art that runs it

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RVAcostume is a group of cool people. who commit to something odd and then own it.

It is a running art project. 


We run in an art project. 

We create these plans. build them. and then bring that costume to the amazing 10k race in Richmond.
The race goes up and back on historic Monument Avenue and we send a costume along the course. 

yes. we annoy people. 
yes. it is crowded.
yes. it is hilarious.

So, when the race is approaching. Every second of my free time is in someone's driveway trying to fit whatever we are building into someone's garage. 

I say this because people always are gracious to help us out. 

And with collaboration, it is possible. 

so thanks to those that have helped this year. 


The race is Saturday. 
So we released a teaser/trailer about our theme for 2012.

See, they cancelled the State Fair of Virginia this year. 


not on our watch.

disclaimer: I actually have a mad love for state fairs and all things related. so this is an emotional piece. 

i kid not. 
well i sort of kid. 

but i am mostly serious.


more later post race. 

it is a heavy costume. I hope we survive with our shoulders still attached.

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