May 8, 2012

When I was little and sick... I would beg my mom to sit with me.


I still do. She is the best. 

I can call her at 1 am. and she answers in a you-called-me-at-1am tone. 

but she answers.


My mom is tough. and she is smart. 

She is very creative. and has a big open mind.

dislikes: being startled awake. if you touch her glasses. when a restaurant is out of something she had her heart set on. the dentist.

likes: Atlantic City. fossils. people watching. the color green. teaching. her pitbull Scarlett. talking animals. sci-fi movies. bugs. Disney World. reality TV. out west. glitter. ground beef. Trivial Pursuit. flowers. dominoes. seashells...



Once at 2 am she met me in a parking lot with a sewing machine needle. Because mine broke. I had a project due, stores were closed, and she had one at her house. 

Once when I was in middle school she brought a shoe to the office in a brown paper bag. Because I accidentally wore 2 different shoes to school.

Once she carried a GIANT duck sculpture with me in a thunderstorm.


We have the same hands. 

And we laugh really hard.


but most importantly

Happy Almost Mother's Day.

Love your mom. or Love someone else's.
or. Love someone who has been mother-like to you.

I grew up with a thousand aunts. They all smell good and give big hugs. and feed you fried chicken, chili, okra, and sweet tea. They are really good to me.

I am thankful for all of them.



or a mom you know.
or an important woman in your life.

Post your comment below. 
And I will have a little giveaway. 

Win the My Mom Fixes Everything print. 
9"x 12" on textured fine art paper.

I will let my roommates draw the winning commenter out of a hat. They like to do that. 
Winner announced later this week. So comment away!!!!

that means you.


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Amanda said...

My mom has always been awesome. She's always made me feel special, beautiful, important, and like I can do anything. But it has been amazing to me how much more I appreciate all that now that I'm a mom. That sounds so cheesy, but its true. I love seeing her with my kiddos and I love hearing Caroline talk about her Lala. Having kids also makes me notice all the little things my mom did to make my childhood special and it makes me want to continue the traditions that my mom started and do little things that my kids will remember when they are grown.

I love this print! Yay for wonderful moms!!

Anonymous said...

It wasn't until I was an adult and a mother myself that I completely understood my mom. I am a very lucky woman...she wasn't perfect, but she was mine!

Amanda K. said...

i am the middle child and i wore my status like a badge - i insisted that i was overlooked and under-loved. and do you know what my mom did in response? she continued loving me oh-so much.

now that i have a child i appreciate my mom so much more. now that i've peered over a crib at 3 am, worried over fevers and wrestled onesies over chubby thighs i'm just a little closer to really appreciating my mom.

not that i could ever fully thank her; but isn't that the thing that makes moms great? they don't do it for the thanks.

Jessi and Nic said...

Abby, I love this print. It is so very true. Moms do fix everything. My mom knows me unlike anyone else...she casts no judgement, she wants only the best for me, her motives are selfless, and I can tell her anything without fear of losing her love. When I was young I was always the girl leaving sleepovers in the middle of the night because I missed my mom. I snuck a cellphone to camp when no phones were allowed because I couldn't go even one day without talking to my mom. Even now, as an adult, there are some nights that I just miss my mom so much...I want to crawl in bed next to her. I call her and she knows. I am thankful that even though I am what most people consider all grown up, I know I will always be her child and she will always be my mom.

Rhonda said...

Oh you know I'd comment on this!! My initial thought with your post, you are trying to set your momma up on a hot date!! (oops, my mistake!!) I love my mom, yes. We really don't get along though. I turned into her many moons ago and we clash all over. Plus, she only laughs at me when I explain what my children are doing instead of sympathizing with me. Her comment:: "payback" Thanks Mom!!!

Mel said...

LOVE this and ALL your creative and inspiring prints Abby! Thank you so much for sharing a bit about your Mom :-)
Oh my Mom...just thinking about her makes me smile and laugh. Yes we clash occasionally and sometimes we drive each other crazy, but I think its because we love so hard. She is so generous and thoughtful. Comforting and warm. Encouraging and supportive. Joyful. She listens and loves, no matter what.

Jameson said...

My mom is selfless, nurturing, encouraging and genuinely fun to hang out with. I went over for dinner on Sunday night and she asked me if I wanted to come over early and take a walk with her, so naturally I did. And even though we just talk about every day topics and I ask for her advice on things, it was fun and reminded me of the times I used to live with her. When I left that night she looked at me and said, I had so much fun today, Im so happy you came over tonight. Kind of made me a little sad because i realized I don't do that as often as I should and those are the things that really make her happy.

jesseruns said...

my mom are pretty much twins. we look alike, think alike, and act alike. sometimes more then i'd like. but she has the uncanny ability to always be right. that phone commercial where the mom and are crying because she is moving 4.2 miles away and you can't understand them but they can understand each other...that's us, times 500 miles.

Anonymous said...

My mom taught me how to cook, how to properly load a dishwasher and even how to tie a neck tie. What she didn't realize is that she taught me how to put others first. How to embrace difficulties in life, celebrate diversity and love exponentially. She taught me resilience, and most of all, patience when there was none.

This weekend I'm teaching her how to use her new smartphone, again.

marko said...

My mom signs her text messages "xoxo, mom" even though she knows i know who it's from. Also, when i am sick, 7-up makes me feel better, for sentimental reasons.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a relationship with my mom because she left when I was 10. However my Grandma is the most incredible, loving, and inspiring woman ever. She continually gives of herself and I cannot fathom life without her.

LC said...

A woman named Doris birthed my mom,like a woman named Doris birthed you. People named Doris make and birth good people.

lorri said...

My mom is one of those hilarious-even-though-she-doesn't-know-it, super-supportive, always knows what to say kind of people. I read this quote recently and felt like it spoke so true.“Even though all the paperwork-a marriage license, a notarized deed, two birth certificates, and seven years of tax returns-clearly indicates you’re an adult, but all the same, there you are, clutching the phone and thanking God that you’re still somebody’s daughter.”
— Kelly Corrigan
Oh and I love the print!

Ann Long said...

I've been thinking about my mom a lot this weekend...and not just because it's Mother's Day Weekend. I got the stomach bug a few days ago, and since the moment that ick set in, all I wanted to do was call my mom and have her come take care of me. You know what? I did call her. And you know what else? She said she would come and take care of my 33-year-old mother-of-two self. Why? Because she's awesome, selfless, and trusts Jesus with every aspect of her life. I didn't let her come but knowing she would come was the medicine I needed. My mom is everything I want to be.

Abernathy said...

these are good. I love you people. Thank you is not even what I would say. I would probably have a party. with a slip n slide. and invite you all. and you could each bring 10 friends. and there would be a taco truck and an open bar.

xo. WINNER ANNOUNCED in next post. aka soon :)

i love music. almost more than everything.