October 8, 2012

We are who we are.

And I know I am probably one of the luckiest. but I also feel inordinate amounts of pressure to keep up with 

doing what I am moved to do.

and also surviving.


Let's be frank. Things that are real are more interesting.  

So I am not going to sugar coat anything.

I'm going to show what is in my passenger seat.

I assure you. if you are at any moment
afraid. I am more so.

* no joke.

This project is a puppet replica of an actual person. 

and whenever I get into a project like that... I panic.


But then I start making something. and like riding a bike. I remember. I like this.


So, here he is.

Keep in mind. there is a real version of this guy walking around.


This one. yeah. I know.

On any given day... if you are walking a puppet to the car. 

It WILL startle people.

and if I'm not startling people. 

I'm not being exactly who I am.


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