January 8, 2013

I just got really confused and thought it was Thanksgiving.

So I'm rolling with that. 

not to be confused with - I'm completely without hardship.

I feel many ways. at once.

right now while I am in love with art. and thrilled with how things are going.
I am overwhelmed. in a very manageable way that requires some sacrifices. but WHAT DOESN'T?

...things that don't matter.

so sign me up for things that are difficult.


"I just never felt so fantastically rocky in my entire life."
-J.D. Salinger, Franny and Zooey


Here's something:

I currently have work for sale in a local coffee shop. and per usual, I will drop the joke that -- you may have heard of the place. or I will just wear a green apron and get you to guess my costume. or I may tell you that when you leave here your hair smells like you stood in a coffee pot. and then stepped out 3 seconds ago. 

Just me?

I am not complaining. I am addicted to/love that place.

We even went there on Christmas morning. 
Me and my sistahs.

the one driving is in a self-imposed elf costume. what's your family like?

we were piled up sleepy-eyed at the top of the stairs and
the door to her room opened.
there she was. cracking up. with my new nephew.
also in a small baby elf costume.



my holiday felt like this.


and if I could have room for another moment/ I will make room.

I will say that my three year old nephew sat on my lap for part of the Christmas Eve service.
and I love him so much.
peaceful, still times like that are priceless. he whispered- "it's baby Jesus"


He also drew pictures with an orange crayon that show signs of a strong artistic instinct.

He is precious. and loves to learn.


his present was this:

incidentally we love similar things. and I just want him to know that whatever he likes. I support.

Yes, I am scared of the realistic snake he carries around. but he assured me. It is not real.


I want to state for the record that kids are the best. 

After I hung my work at the coffee shop and sat down to do some work,

 a couple little girls flew in the door with their mother chatting the way small children do. so the entire room can hear. and they dont care.
they have things to say.

These little girls ran in the shop and cheered when they saw my work. 


I think I just won something. 

My insides tell me this.


I have some design projects in the works. and those sort of things are always quieter until they exist.

but trust me.

I am learning a lot.


Here's something else:

I teach painting. and I teach it a lot.

It's good exercise.
It's nice to be painting so often. and to be getting paid to do something that is on my job skills list. also on that list- "works well with cardboard"
and- "runs long distances in costumes"

So while I literally am rehabbing my new ACL from this summer's lovely explosion at first base,

I am also exercising in the studio.

it becomes more and more second nature when you spend time doing it. and then it becomes more like your first language.

When trying so many new things. It is nice to remember. oh yeah. I paint.

 it makes me a better artist.


tonight I saw Les Mis....the movie.

and I knew I would cry. so I wore my hoodie.

my dad took me to Les Mis for the first time one Christmas. so I knew what I was in for.


it reminds me how proud I am of what art does.


they had me at the powerful opening shots.
and of course.

the story.

the bravery and loss and love.


and for that, I'm thankful.

I somehow slip by daily doing what I love.

and I continue to find smart and talented people to connect with
work with
learn from

and I dont even have time to be too scared. because amazing people encourage me.

So. Thank you. for following even the littlest part of my artistic pursuit.

Even if it is just for the music. Good grief. yes. i work hard on making sure it is lovely and perfectly fitting. and sometimes I spend an obscene amount of time working on the playlist. So thank you for that. for whatever. 

I hope my story somehow sounds like your story.


"beyond the barricade, is there a world you long to see"

- Les Mis


go after it. 


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