March 3, 2013

Difficult is the only guarantee.

time: almost midnight.

ew. I knew this would be a tough little series of deadlines.
but I always think when a project is over that I will - catch up. 
ha. never. 

but really who wants to catch up. 

probably someone lame.

because if you are going somewhere... you can't stop.


I don't usually post things "in progress" before I have the final picture to post with it. 

But I also don't usually eat so many thin mints. 


so . in honor of my second all-nighter in a row. I want to show you what my roommate found me with. 

                                            *mid-construction of a lion puppet for a dance production.

stay tuned. final images will be on here sooner or later. but I have a long night ahead. of ... 

finishing this guy. and 32190312 other things.

hes not done. hes just here. and I thought someone should know. 



while I am walking through the day sleep deprived. I am reminded even more how blessed I am. 
by my support.
my opportunities.
and my challenges. 

people are so good to me. 

and my life is not boring.


I'm gonna go make coffee. 

I know. the thought at this late hour makes me ill too.


as always, for more immediate crazy,  


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