January 31, 2014

technically. my boss on this project was just born.

When I get to think about a new project and sketch it out. 

I am the most thankful for my job. 


Doing my actual job is a blessing. I like it. 

I love it even. 


every job has annoying parts. like paperwork. contracts. rules. taxes. errands.
and moments of doubt and fear and criticism.

But I try and remember that when I am doing what I set out to do. 


that I am one lucky nine year old. 

on the inside. 


I fight for her every day...

for the idea that every person should be so excited to wake up. 
to have the chance to do what they want.

and if that is cheesy. 


You. Havent. Tried. It. 


When I was working as an artist, but also had a day job. I woke up an hour earlier and sat at a Starbucks reading about Tim Burton. or the guy who played Big Bird. or I just drew things. 
Because I wanted to make sure I claimed control of my day. In some way. 


sacrifices are necessary. They are necessary because they make us work harder. 

to be accountable to something greater. 

I needed that time period in my life. So it is always in my rearview mirror. 

or so that sometimes - it is in my face. 


I need to constantly be charging forward. and working hard.

If I sit down too long, I may get lost in a crowd. 


Working hard doesnt always mean
being a part of the greatest thing on Earth. 

But it always means learning. and growing.


I am currently designing and working on several things. 




For now, here is one. 

When someone trusts me. 

Thats my favorite kind of project to do. 


Thank you to these guys. for being so easy to work for. 

and for being great supporters of my work. 

Thanks to everyone like that. Means a lot. 


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