October 14, 2014


I cant even finish typing out the word. 

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year. 
It is something I really like. which is weird because I am scared of lots of creepy things. 

but also semi-attracted to them. 

                                                                                                   found these at the fair. obsessed.

who am I kidding. very-attracted. 



( I make them)


(I work with them)


(I have a Christmas ornament alligator covered in glitter that I am really into) 

Costume Characters.

(I worked as a costume character in college and walking into the back work room was my worst nightmare and also amazing.

and just for your information some of those character heads only fit if you turn your head sideways first and straighten up after it is on- CLAUSTROPHOBIA TOWN. they also smell.)


I mean.. I always liked the bowl of eye balls at elementary school parties. 

Maybe it's that I appreciate effort 
and on Halloween I like to walk around and cheer for people who made their house or costume look awesome.

I think people doing things well should get
so much credit. 

I used to work in an office cube. and draw on millions of post it notes. sometimes I find them and really love that they exist. 

do what you do wherever you are. sometimes you look silly. but who cares. 

you do. 

so keep doing things. 

so I like remembering when I would draw on post it notes. crumple them up in my purse. 

and carve my lunch into creatures. 

because not a ton has changed. 

if you have a drive. you just drive wherever you are. 

so, hit the gas.

make a costume.


Do something cool. eat candy. and high five people who are 
doing good things.

                                                                                                 like this little creature I watch sometimes.  carry on.


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