May 26, 2015


 I am on another planet. 

Normally yes, but particularly now. 


and therefore it takes over my life- HAPPILY until then. 

If you do not have tickets. you are missing an experience. 

get them now and just go by yourself

and be inspired by the power of the arts and of a community that unites.

these students are risk takers. brave fighters. quiet. loud. happy. nervous. loving. troublemaking. authentic. clever. smart. funny. 

they have different abilities. 

they see things and understand things in ways that inform my life. 

and we get to share that. 

on JUNE 7. 

LIVE ART is a concert/show/performance... but it is like that book you read and when it is over it affects the following days and you want to tell everyone about it but they didn't read the book and you wish they had because it swallowed you up.

lucky me. 
lucky you.

While painting the set last week I told one of my coworkers that I seem to speak really flowery about this program and wonder if that kind of gets old and people dont realize how amazing it is. 

maybe I am making people numb to the words I use...



ok picture how you feel if you are a barefoot sweaty kid covered in sticky rainbow hands with pieces of a lollipop in your hair and running around with your favorite friends. 

(that is a literal picture of one of my favorite LIVE ART helpers last week) 

Anyways. That is how we sincerely feel working on this project. 

Because it takes your insides. and sets them -  in a very aesthetically beautiful way - on the outside.



I geeked out when I drove by this. I took pictures and pulled over and people stopped to see which famous person was on the sidewalk. 

No guys.. hes on the marquee. 


And when it is over. you can find me. 

creatively exhausted. 

and missing my people. 

Because the coolest thing about this is that it's a show. but it is a realistic representation of a program that happens all year. 

A way that human beings are valued. and elevated. 

And loved. 

I am an artist because I am interested in the important. real. and deep stuff. 

and this... 

This is it.


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