November 5, 2010

Heal the World.




Scroll back up and view it. At least once in your life.

Now Get Ready.

For your mind to be blown.

By a small one year old.

Who was born into this world. As a full time art project.

Because loving him is full time.

And having to document it is overtime.

And the whole idea of him is better than I could imagine.

So without further ado.

I present-

My Nephew.

(he brushed my hair via ichat once.)


And our latest production:


Subtitled : What is appropriate anymore?  No one knows.


Subtitled : Celebrate genius. We love the King of Pop.

Heal the World.


He will.


The Making of:

I text my sister in law things like, can you measure Jack's hand?.... and send it to me stat.

and my sister in law takes very accurate secret sleep measurements via phone pics.

So I can sequin a tiny mitten that will be the right size.

And alter a girls knitted sweater with a hood. Into a tiny Michael Jacket.
with no hood.

Have you ever tried to stop the fraying of a knitted sweater?

Well. I can do it now. We're all safe.

And she measures his legs as he runs around her office.

And I estimate how to hem Michael high waters out of hand me down black cords.

What the heck. Last minute ankle flair.

and Bam

Who's bad?!

Now. If you can stand it. Please see this gem of a photo.

If you can't tell. HE IS AFRAID OF THE COSTUME I SENT. it is on the couch next to him.

That is what he is cautiously glaring at.

I know. I am in shock. and trying to stay calm.

So. The desensitization process begins.

By my sister in law of dreams.

And it is worse in the above picture. But out of honesty. you have to see what we were dealing with at this point.

And one more series:

Welcome to a melt dowwwwwn.

but. the pants still rule.

and he loves it.

Don't report us to authorities.

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