February 21, 2011


leaving your day job is all fun and games.. no wait

i mean

leaving your day job is funny.. no wait

i mean

leaving your day job is full of money saving games


finding that 2nd mascara hiding in the back of the drawer. you know. when you bought 2 in that SUPER PACK deal at CV(buy 100 things I dont need) S

and then you forget you bought that SUPER PACK. um. maybe a couple of times... so really. you have more mascara than you even know!

dont even start with me about the amount of vitamin D I own. sh. it is always buy one jar of 837389 get one pack free

And like the other day when:

I came out of the dentist narrowly escaping cavities.

and, I was thrilled with my new money saving tactic of, get this, -  asking if something really must be bought-... like dental xrays.

and I just saved money at the grocery store buying the brand of almond milk with a coupon pasted to the front.  I should probably write a book explaining that one.

.I was feeling really happy with my good fortune.

 and like I said. I was leaving the dentist.

when I saw I had been attacked by clementines.

then I remembered. I unloaded my groceries the hour before and placed the clementines on the edge of my truck bed for a second trip out. and....


so I never knew they flew off the edge later. and landed in the bed. scattered about like crazies.

but saved.


so I ate one.

it's the victories I cherish.


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