February 6, 2011

when I passed the man on his unicycle

I was jogging.

and freezing to the point of crouching as close to the fetal position as possible. as in- I will most likely be dumb sore from contracting every muscle against the cold.

I'm ok.

obviously alive.


when i passed the man on his unicycle 

i remembered 

how dearly i value- unusual.

and I forgot the cold for a second. as my arms were getting warmer and I skipped for a beat, hopping up on the sidewalk smiling.

and looking at the one blue house that appears to be facing sideways in a row of houses.

the rebel.


and it is cold in my house too. but not after you dance in the kitchen.

best done in my dad's old wool socks.


and unicycle sightings + kitchen dancing = inspired. 

So, here is a new creature, 




I had a super productive day last week where I framed anything that wasn't moving.

thank goodness for unicycles. 


1 comment:

Sophie said...

Haha- Love :)

i love music. almost more than everything.