March 31, 2011

Running with helmets.


you should do that. in general. 

run with a helmet. 

but run. 


because if you are walking, people will run by you. and they will beat you to whatever it is you are trying to do. 

and with a helmet. 

because you WILL fall. and there's less chance of serious damage. 


and then... if we are talking literally...

you could make a costume with your friends. 

and run a 10k in it.

with helmets.

you say asphalt. we say water. 

same difference.

and most importantly. 

this is not the entire costume.


isn't it fun to see part. 

I hope the rest survives the maybe chances of rain. 
and maybe crowd of millions. 

(I only make educated guesses.)

and I hope we survive the angry runners with times that are 3 seconds longer because they had to navigate around us. 



not us.


(life is art)

Special shout out to Mrs. Richardson

the diamond collared wonder. 

who watched and worked on our project. 

But something someone said or did really pissed her off. 

(teamwork is not her bag)

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