June 7, 2011

I knew I was really moving when

I had to get rid of my bed.

even the paint brush is crying.

boo hoo

and my house turned into a game of Tetris.

With friends littering the yard.

loading my life into a truck

Packing was a beast. 

I literally found myself like this one night.

I was trying on all my shoes and making cuts. sadly some of them did not make the cut. but apparently, the effort was exhausting. and the brown heels were the end of me. Look, all I know is I woke up in boxes. in brown heels.

friends lined up to help. ridiculously thankful. especially when I watched them pour sweat on my dresser as it climbed the stairs. 


And I realized. 

when you have more than one box labeled costumes... you must be doing something right.

but then again, if you have this many bags of material marked- creature fur- what then...


 And good news, I LOVE my new place.

and my room. 

because it is part room / part studio.

and part tree house.

 and I thought all hope was lost because my favorite green wall in my old neighborhood is a bit farther from me now. 

but I found this.

so I know I'm in the right place.

nail color matching things sends me over the edge.

And, I found a place for important things.

All is well.

and more art is coming soon. I know I am getting better.

Because. get this- I had ideas.
they started rushing into my sleepy brain. yahoo.

and that was a definite sign that I'm waking up.


he quit his day job too. 

and has a lot to say. 

and like I said, I have ideas.

But I just woke up off the couch without realizing I ever went to sleep. so I have some recovery still happening... whew.

go team.


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