June 26, 2011

My back is broken


It's bring your puppet to work day.

ok. check.


bring your lunch. to work day.

sometimes I need reminders.

like that.


 I just spent maybe two hours hunched over on the floor of my studio holding a rabbit puppet with one arm and moving him slightly...in microscopic amounts... for a stop motion-esque film experiment. 

without ever putting my arm down.

please tell me some footage is usable. 

my back is broken.

I set things up dangerously close to styrofoam scraps. 

and he got all hydrated and such.


then he worked really hard.




and I'm so very glad...

that this is how we roll.



Amal said...

oooooh i can't wait to see this.

Kath Wright said...

You always make me smile out loud!!!

i love music. almost more than everything.