September 13, 2012

Thank you.


My knee exploded.

And I want to thank the people who reached out...

like my sweet dog.

She knows what you need. is patient. loving. and doesn't say anything negative. She just gets on the couch with you. and smiles in her sleep. 

being there. is the best thing. and she's smart. so she knows that.


I have so many people to thank.

It's almost a problem.

I started out hand making thank you postcards.

and it grew. out of control.

Please know that just checking up on me is so kind. thank you. I appreciate it.
Being down for an extended period of time starts to be a lesson in patience and relying on other people. and I am still trying to be better at that. 

but the treats.notes.words.visits.dinners.lunches.babies.friends.lipgloss.

they make it so much less terrible to be off the football field. out of my running shoes. on the edge of the ocean. propping my foot on the dock. staying inside more often. and stopping to rest.

sitting out is the hardest. 

but you guys have made it less so. 

and at night when my knee still screams frustration turns to:

thank you. thank you. thank you. 

I hope I do the same things for you.



The best kind of problem is having to make way more postcard thank yous than you predicted.


"Is this really that funny to you guys?"  - Scarlett, the blonde wonder dog who is never seen without her black eye liner.

please note her glorious hands.
and her sweet little heart.


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Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for a long time. I was so sorry about your knee. I just feel compelled to tell you how much I enjoy your art work. You are an amazing talent and you make me happy.

i love music. almost more than everything.