May 29, 2013


No big deal you guys, but Haverty's retweeted me. 

The furniture store.  Yeah. 


it is hilarious/ smart. 

So I said that.

and they retweeted me/ they said I am cool. 

I am pretty sure this means I win at things.


and if success is a backpack, I am putting this Haverty's tweet in there.


Somedays feel like this

Somedays feel like this

But it's my Jansport.

So that's the thing. I decide how full it is.

I decide.

even if the zipper is broken.


And I can fill it with puppets. fabric. nephews. mud. paint. trees. warm weather. sparkly lights,

and friends, at a bar's big outdoor patio table----


That's success. 

have you been at a full table of hilarious and/or kind people lately?

(the above picture was inspired by people who fill my cup. and specifically, was a gift for my sister in law, Heather.)


artistically. I am involved in several projects.

and in the middle of projects there are frustrations and fears.

and focus gets thrown off.

in LIFE. focus gets thrown off.


but in the end. 

it isn't about showing everyone what's in your backpack.
it's about what you can take out of your backpack and 
hand to someone else.


plus trophies are heavy and awkwardly shaped. put them the hell down.


I make things for people. 
with people. 
about people.

and I am reminded every time I am with the students in LIVE ART,

what is important.

That PEOPLE. are why I do anything.

why I do everything.

they fill me up.


There is a lot of thought. talk. and time. put into declaring where YOU are in life.

But it should be about where other people are, too.

or maybe mostly about them.

yeah. that.


about them.

backpacks. for. everyone.


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