August 16, 2013

un.interested in being underwhelmed.


for the love. 

expect more.

(when did people get so content with that small little feeling deep down that whispers- I NEED TO ESCAPE.  you should be living so amazingly that you simply dont accept that little feeling's existence.

i mean sure. go to the beach for a weekend. run to your friends kitchen for pancakes. 

those things are glorious. 

but not because you arent wholly thrilled with today.

more like... because you can do anything today.

and not to be ignored- you can FEEL anything today.


the escape feeling... dumb. 

the possibility feeling... great.

OPPORTUNITY and POSSIBILITY are so often forgotten. 

and the escape thing. is often confused with the need to impress someone other than yourself. 



The inability to see POSSIBILITY right in front of you. is a shame. 
the possibility to have a richer day. 


And I am (arguably) not talking crazy here. please. read more posts if you think im naive. 

I have been dealing with one humbling situation after another lately. 

and when you add them up as a collection of capes. and when you have good friends who hear you and then laugh. even through your embarrassment. It is the grandest. 


every day I am just totally un.interested in being underwhelmed. 

this is one case when you should be less tolerant. 

and expect more.


for me. Spectacular things only.

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