October 23, 2013

a very big LION PUPPET and how to best dance.

remember that lion?

that made me look insane walking across the street. 





I got to make him when I was the costume designer for a show. 

I never did post his final look 
and performance. 






It's embarrassingly exciting to watch professional dancers operate something you made. 

oh, and when they did lifts. 
I freaked out on the inside. 

I am being honest. really.


thanks to 
Richmond Ballet Company dancers. 

And the Minds In Motion team. 
Cat Studdard. 

And the Production Team. 
Cate Latham
Costume Shop. All of it. 

really. cool. 
really. honored.

I'll just wait out back until you need me again. ever. sitting by the stage door. don't mind me. I packed almonds. 

oh, also. 

it feels really busy
ok. it is really busy
like. I'm-up-late-on-the-weekend-but-with-papers-around-me-all-over-the-floor. kind of busy

and so I don't want to forget. 

in the spirit of ballet.
and wednesdays.
and well. life. 




                                                                                                                      Kent Meister Photography






~~ this lion post is for Courtney Webb and her inspiring spirit. ~~  
As you battle cancer again. and win again. ROAR. we hear you. xo. 

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