October 9, 2013

Collecting sisters. and other people who lift me up and speak my language.

When I make something that I feel moved to make 

It is not hard to imagine what it should look like. 

because it already looks like that. 

to me. 


One of my brothers, Joey, is married to Heather.
and I adore my sister-in-law. drop the in-law.



That's us. see why I like her.

I think I am in the monster hoodie. because thats my favorite illustration outfit.
BUT. she could be either of these creatures.
the idea is that she makes me feel like... this drawing.


So my other brother, Eric, just got married. 

                                                                                         advice from his nephew. the ring bearer.

In the mountains. 

                                                                                                                                                    instagram.town: @AbernathyParade

by a creek.

to a best friend of mine.




only. he found her first.

but I would have picked her for an accomplice in two seconds.

first round team sports. co-magician. etc.


So for their wedding I was going to make them a piece of art for the cover of their ceremony program.

but they said. wait.

could it be something we can use for that. but also... to keep.

So I knew. ok ok.

Exactly what to make.

And they wanted a sort of "engagement photo"
 ... because they didn't do those.



which is pretty dang accurate.

but don't worry. they knew who they were talking to.

and so without further ado.

or delay.

or prep.

is their piece of art.

This. is their little story.


The Great Mouse Plot of 2013. 

named in part for the Roald Dahl story, The Great Mouse Plot of 1924
about being sneaky. and adventurous. 
taking risks. and staying curious.

Sarah. wide eyes. smart hat.

Eric. adventure gear. 


 pssst. you can find sewn lines. all white. because. it is a fancy picture you guys. wedding thread only.

their plans. big ones. 

set. sail.


Congratulations, you clever mice. 

Happy for you. Happy for all of us.


my sister collection is complete. at 3. but more people who lift me up.
and speak my language.

always collecting.

more of these people.


for the love.


Amanda said...

Beautiful! I love the ways that you put in all those fabulous details! Looks like the perfect little wedding.

... in other news ... I loved scrolling through blogs this morning and seeing your art in etst's post. :)

Marko said...

Funfact: Calvin Coolidge was president in 1924

Jennifer Andrews said...

Love this!

Monique said...

Beautiful You are lovely and your family is blessed to have you as their sister

i love music. almost more than everything.