September 25, 2014

I just cant be normal.

I dont know exactly how everyone processes the things they see and feel. 

but I am on a pretty high setting. 

which gets me in a lot of trouble. 


also makes me an artist. 


my nephew is an artist too. sometimes we do collaborative sculptures. no big deal. 


I have been consumed by life lately. and the good news is that my life and my art are the same thing.

at least I try to make them the same thing. 


and on that note. 

its kind of terrifying to now tell you about the two puppet men who lived on my den floor.

I am aware of my life. 

Yep. totally aware. 

I take pictures because I do these things by myself and I am sorry but I cant always handle it totally solo.

Taking these guys to work. 

Where Richmond Ballet adds breath.

These guys are going on tour with two casts of Don Quixote. 

So if success is measured by letting your puppet guys go into the world and DANCE.


I am doing really great right now.


and while I was organizing this post I sat next to two men who complained about the state of the world.


while part of me wanted to barf. part of me also felt really good that I was next to them. in the very same world. writing a post about puppets and heartbeats.
and one of the men has on high tops so... theres hope guys. theres always hope.

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