September 11, 2014

If you have to. choose a frozen yogurt topping you can be proud of.

I went to the beach two times recently for several days. and I brought work but it stayed in a closet slightly threatened by heat and sand. 

the good news is-
My computer. although it is old and turns off on its own. still works. 

so I am still in the art business. 


I also made two puppets. did some contract design work. and taught a lot of little campers. 
at the same time. 

one time I bought two wigs at Party City for the purpose of WORK. 
and my roommate wore one to make me feel happy...before it went on a puppets head.


The fall is a time for carving pumpkins and having more of a consistent schedule. 
Things are starting up. 

and by things I mean- LIVE ART. 

a program that fills me up and gives me purpose. 

and the craziness of choosing this life levels out just a little bit. 

i mean. barely. 

or sometimes it gives the illusion of...


In any case. I am still in the deep end. and I have a bracelet to prove I have passed my swim test. metaphorically. 

(I never got one this summer because I was content in the standing end reading a magazine.) 

so. onward.


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