November 7, 2014

hey hey WINNER!

I was really touched by the entries on the WHO MAKES YOU BETTER AND BRAVER post. 

There was a winner. 

I drew # 8. 
so that means

Megan Remaley wins the print. 

Love what you wrote:

Anonymous Megan Remaley said...
My husband – I know that he is my biggest fan, and thanks to his unending support I am better and braver. Whether it’s a quiet whisper he sends my way to tell me to keep trying, or a roaring cheer to let me know he’s behind me all the way - he encourages me to go for it. He inspires, challenges, dances, waits, listens, shares, laughs, cries, motivates - all at just the right time. He lives his life full of love which he so freely gives to all who cross his path – and I am better and braver because of it.

So, send your address to me at-
and I will get that in the mail. 

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