January 5, 2015

today starts today.

my dear friend (and seriously wonderful artist)- Claire Hill- introduced me to water mixable oils. 

It gave me more life. 

I think when I started painting with them I told strangers even... in a store. Hi. I am now able to paint in oils ANYWHERE. 

and not be swimming in toxic chemicals.

( DO NOT SWIM IN TURPENTINE. that was just an exaggeration. and I speak largely in superlatives.) 

People who chase a fast heartbeat understand what it is like... to be empowered and charged.

acrylic paint dries very fast. it feels a certain way.
oil dries very slow. can be manipulated more. and pushed.
to me, oil is more sculptural. it is what I love to use. 

so this new avenue has been a gift. 

Thanks Claire. 


I have also been staring at books. 

a lot. 

and speeches. and sermons. and poetry. 

I feel so lucky to be fascinated and affected by words and ideas.

I was reading one of Winston Churchill's speeches this morning. 

and it was talking about imagination. and how it can be a burden because those of us who imagine- 
we have a lot more to carry in our minds. 

it's a responsibility.

we carry more things in our minds than will actually happen. 

and that can be scary and heavy.

and we need to pray to have the strength to handle it. 

I completely understand that. 

and I would rather need that strength than to be less burdened.

It is a gift. to feel deeply and want richness. 
and invent.

to only settle for such richness. 

and to believe in the potential of our reality.


Today starts today. 

OIL. on canvas (thrilled.)

2' x 2' $500.00

and magic. 

it is a responsibility.


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