March 30, 2015

that dream where you miss a quiz.

When you go back to school you have dreams that you will miss an exam. 

or have a quiz you did not know about. 

That dream even happened to me when I wasn't taking a class. 

Working and school is a funny animal. It's super empowering and exciting and then also discombobulating. 

For four seconds a day I get stressed about it and then I remember it is a really amazing opportunity. 

This ability for us to do exactly what we want. when we want. 

to change up our lives. or to enhance them. 

(in my case I am in school to become a sign language interpreter. which is part of my art. not separate from. I am going nowhere. just talking to more people ;) ) 

I love to learn. So. sitting in a classroom is one of my favorite places. 
I could take less work
but when I am working towards something I really want, I realize it comes with the territory


totally familiar.

I think I have 42 lists around my house that tell me when things are due. 

I also carry several bags around. A computer bag. A teaching bag. A school bag. A project bag. A bag with just a glue gun in it that keeps showing up wherever I go.

Honestly it is a little crazy. but I am not a martyr. I am just juggling(flaming torches). 

I also eat neat things like significant blocks of cheese. 
and salt and vinegar chips. 



oh. also. 

that quiz. 
I missed it.


in real life. 

and I am still distraught about the mix up and how it played out. The student in me is horrified and currently playing out a tragic stage death..spotlight...downstage left. 
(back in college I never skipped a single class. slept through one and cried but thats it) 

but the other parts of me are laughing really hard. 
because this is my life right now.

I missed a quiz. 
I got a parking ticket Thursday. 
Someone hit and run my truck and took my side mirror off.


I am sort of kicking ass. 

because I have chances. 


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Heather said...

You are a rockstar! You've summed up my life perfectly! I've been so frustrated by how busy and out of control my life is but am so thankful to be able to have the opportunity to do what I want. You are totally kicking ass and don't forget it!

i love music. almost more than everything.