March 16, 2015

This is where I am right now.


I am in a constant state of looking for amazing and authentic. and in doing that. 

Those things. 

They show up.


I was invited to be a part of an art and faith panel a few days ago. 

Before we went up, I looked behind me at the crowd and thought... 

one of the most beautiful places is where human beings are eager to learn from each other. 

Eager to HEAR and UNDERSTAND and GROW with each other. 


I am in the early stages of several projects with people who take risks and are interested in work that says something. 

Work that DOES something. 

And those are the teams I want to be on. The places I want to get muddy.
The projects I want to exhaust me. 


Work and school has been really crazy. 

I am still figuring out how to organize and balance everything. But my life is my art. and it is all part of the same picture. 

It just gets richer. 

When you make work. 

Make marks. 

really intentional. really bold. really brave marks.


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