February 18, 2016

I cannot account for the last several hours of the day.

With everything going on, I am at that place again where there is less sleep and random important things that arise. 

Like cleaning the one corner of the room I have been wanting to reorganize. You know. That sort of thing becomes a priority when there is a quiz due and a work deadline. 

Or once I HAD to make cupcakes with small footballs on them. 


Sometimes time passes and then I think parts of everything are getting done but my to do list still looks like confetti.

a bad thing?


except I am slightly crazy lately.

and also 
some things on my to do list are amazingly wild and let's be honest- often ridiculous.

one being:
keep up with happenings here

one being:
JUNE 5. LIVE ART is back.
why don't you come this time?
it's probably the best one.
I say that each time BECAUSE IT IS TRUE.

re my sanity this week
My new laptop leapt out of my backpack in rebellion. 

I think it is ok... I hope so.

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