September 12, 2010

Everyone should be ok alone once in a while.


( Look I can add my nephew on here when I need to. and here it applies. hes alone and hes studying his reflection and appreciating the little things in life. a moment of a one year old in thought.  Also note that I put him in the bed of my truck for my amusement. his amusement. and the world's amusement. It's over all a good idea.) 


Despite the urge to call up everyone I know at all times, I am completely thrilled to walk solo through a giant antique mall of treasures.

metaphorically. and literally. 

And I do. When I need to. 

Immediately. I feel better. 

Today I was drawing on my tablet. I drew a really creepy man. no idea why.
 I showed my sister out of horror at what I did.

She doubled over. 

So instead of that image,

I will post the next thing I drew,

                                                       "Oh, Im fine over here" tablet drawing by me.  

It's about being alone.  

like running in the morning. to an A&E biography on Harry Truman.


like driving into the ridiculously planned out Michael's (art supply store) parking lot way too often because the last time you visited they gave you a 40 % off coupon to get you back the next week. news flash marketing geniuses THOSE WORK. but you should talk to the guy who designed the parking lot. (unless you've been there you can't understand. But I'm talking about some diagonal spaces mixed in with the regular kind.. and no exit until you've driven through a drivers ed  obstacle like course.)


like sitting at a coffee shop and loving on the groups that meet by the window on the couches and arm chairs, but being perfectly happy watching them and not being a part of them


like framing art on a weekend night with wine and sparkling deck lights while Michael Jackson lets me know it doesn't matter if I'm black or white.


like watching Rushmore while drawing 30 tiny rabbits to sew onto a new set of business cards. (Wes Anderson I love you right now. dont think I dont see those scenes and angles  slipped into the direction just because the design of them is wonderful. you are speaking my language. I mostly cant breathe when I think about FANTASTIC MR FOX. beautiful. )

And being totally ok with it.
And maybe even loving it.

(also a shout out to the Halloween/fall season. Which I adore.)

Being alone- and being content with that-  is important.

 But, so is this...

When one man, for whatever reason, has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, he has no right to keep it to himself. 

~Jacques Yves Cousteau 

Im going to get back into my submarine now.

There is so much to learn. 


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Thought of you:

i love music. almost more than everything.