September 17, 2010

mob mentality creeps me out.


Because in all likelihood I'm not doing that now anyway.

But I was. And good thing too because I cranked this post out. And you HAVE TO SEE THESE RABBITS.

The other night I drew 30 rabbits. I put them in singlets. on unicycles. in sandwich boards. in tutus. 

Because my mind is always on creepy, eerie, circus. 

It's so light hearted and so cryptic at the same time.

like puppets.

one of these rabbits is going to homecoming.                                                          pssst.

I don't know what it is about rabbits, 
but I find that I am drawing them more often than not.

someone has something important to say.

My sister does that pose the unicycle rabbit is doing. the likeness is unintentional. but hilarious to me.

So the day after I made these guys. I found this little lady on the back deck. 

What. cant see it?

A run away!

Swim cap and suit envy.

To show scale, I put her in a chair. 

I also put her in a chair to have a chat with her.

I needed to give her a small lecture on safety and being smart about where she shoots off to.

reminds me of growing up actually. when we were in trouble there was no grounding. there was no curfew restriction. 

It was a talk. 

A sit-in-this-chair-and-listen sort of deal.

That can be the worst. 

Sitting there. in a chair. 

as your conscious swells and you cannot leave the chair. but now the seat is so crowded metaphorically and you would do anything to walk away.

Needless to say, Swim cap Susie now knows to stay with the crowd.

advertise excitement.

mob mentality creeps me out.


Hehehe. new business cards. 

Why do I want to hug them? 

My reactions are so often inappropriate.

He is in a singlet. 


Probably getting ready for a circus act. 

post intermission.

                                                                                                                                                    Is her calf bothering her?

Dancing Queen.


It's all business.



In conclusion,

I'm convinced, 

this is what my heart looks like ~


Katie said...

Laura on the unicycle! I am dying.

Anonymous said...

Together they may be a mob, but, they are still all alone.

i love music. almost more than everything.