May 14, 2011

thank goodness for capers and coffee.

Blogger has been down for a couple of days.

But see, I wrote a draft and saved it. and it disappeared during the down time. 


ok. it wasn't that amazing.

i will recover.

mainly because I had an open face onion bagel with capers and basil on it.

find the caper.

I got up and saw that. come now.

and someone in this coffee shop is singing ooh ooh child over the hip hop beats and i both like and hate it at the same time.



start over.


Hi, I have a lot of good intentions. To make some amazing things.

A lot of them are missing legs.

Seriously. Missing legs.

See. I get started. then see the sunshine or a stray piece of glitter and run in another direction.

 There are a billion things I am drawing right now. It's just that they are running around at their own free will.

and I haven't the discipline. 

I just keep conducting.

because as long as ideas and creatures are swimming around me.

that's good.


Because when I am blank.

or overwhelmed,

I dump my markers out like a 7 yr old's set of legos.

and they don't fit back in so well anymore.

And I go back to what I know.

(when I see art that I love. I celebrate it big time. 

Here with a giant frame and fabric mount. and yes. the artist signed it. because I emailed him about how much I adore his work. 

and his email back to me was sweet and encouraging. meant a lot.)

he signed it- Amos Paul Kennedy. 

He is good at what he does.


and I need to be inspired because I have important things to do.

Like teach.

yes. like looking in the mirror.

 I pretty much absorb the things my kids say.

A few favorites are,

"Ladies don't drive trucks."

"Ms. Abby, are you a professional?"


"this is what I call a beautiful thing" (said referencing a glazed doughnut)


And I remember. That I am thankful I have 29321312 things going on at once.

I wouldn't want. to miss. anything.



Evie said...

haha, lovely post! have a beautiful weekend!

Sophie said...

Love the picture of your undisciplined drawing! Love that you run to the glitter! Love your new t shirts. Love your humour! Basically, love it!

i love music. almost more than everything.