May 14, 2011

T SHIRTS. yes. finally. how exciting


I thought about doing this for so long. 
that seeing it in real life is cracking me up.

color: sand         size pictured: small

color: light blue

color: honey



Design- Follow Me

sizes- S. M. L.

colors- Sand. Light Blue. Honey.

Shirts are unisex. slightly fitted.

each $ 38.00

have stamps. will travel.

if you will be ordering long distance style- add 5.00 to cover online order and postage. :)

email- to order. 
and, if I don't have the one you want in stock, then it will be a tiny wait.



and while I am super excited about my drawings walking around, 

I am even more obsessed with everything my nephew does. 

like when he shows me something he drew. jetson style. from miles away.

well, it's all over. 

and he is explaining it to me. 

in 2 yr old talk.

mad love little man. please show me everything.

everything your little 2 year old heart wants to.


1 comment:

Debbie B. said...

Congrats!! So exciting :)

i love music. almost more than everything.