May 3, 2011

May flowers.


May starts off with a sweet holiday I can get behind.

(I always have prints available. but the original is with the original)


and look,
What a sweet idea on the street.

And beyond that. this entire month is trying to kidnap me. 

from where I should be.

(where the flowers are hand made.)


taking off on a sidewalk of dreams ~

(I'm completely unashamed of my metaphor. 

because I'm drunk on the sun and they can get a lot worse.)

heck yes my city knows how to celebrate May.

I like this girl. she has ideas.

tall dogs and tiny matching purses.

and the season,

it requires:


And a little rabbit never hurt anyone.

neither did a big rabbit.

and seriously. look.

in the words of David. after the dentist. 

Is this real life?

yes it is. 

watch out for ticks.

ew. he's pointing


but soak it up.

she is a gem.

and RUN

look how incredibly wonderful it is to feel small.

ah, May. 

Welcome back.


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