September 12, 2011

If this stops you in your tracks.

Um, Hi. 


I look at this and see puppet-insides.

Is there a need to reiterate my level of coolness?

It's ok. I took a deep breath. and said. 

not today. 

not today. 


But seriously. 3 things:

It looks like a potential parade of amazing puppets. 
I was caught off guard. 
I love my life. 

even if on every Monday I am sharply reminded:

The leap I took was a serious risk. 

So I walk to the coffee shop. hunt for good music. 

and trek on.


"Tell me why I should 

So take your shots

I wont turn back."

~ Need To Breathe





Anonymous said...

I LOVE NEEDTOBREATHE!! Like love is an understatement! I am obsessed! I have seen them live six times in the past year!

Abernathy said...

new album is here. ITS SICK. LOVELOVELOVE. i have never seen them! go you.

i love music. almost more than everything.