November 17, 2011

Brothers are important.

Happy Birthday brother. 

Ickie. Happy birthday to you sweet brother. thank you for taking the time to look at all the art I brought home from college one Christmas. when people were downstairs eating asparagus casserole you studied everything I brought home upstairs. and called me up to look at it with you. thank you for being supportive. for writing parts for my puppets. for asking my opinion. for showing me scripts. for challenging my brain. it is a dream job to collaborate on new theater. 
I remember all the kind things you do. like getting me iced coffee. painting straight lines across an entire stage and sleeping on the theater floor while im working through the night. So today- put tartar sauce on pancakes. and live big today. well. every day. but today wear a candle hat or something so everyone knows doris. wonder mom. delivered you today. wait. we should celebrate doris too actually. yall should ride a jackalope to atlantic city. thats exactly what i hope you are doing while I type this. 


.end message.



Anonymous said...

This is so sweet. AND your little man face reminds me of the people my little bro drew when we were kids. You know, the kind with just a circle for head/body and arm/ leg sticks coming out of it. And of course it had a single hair on top and a goofy little grin face:)

Rhonda said...

tarter sauce on pancakes?

i love music. almost more than everything.