November 7, 2011

Well, this is an inappropriately late start to November.

I promise it won't happen again.


But I put an inordinate amount of time into Halloween.
and so does the street I live on.

 My love for sculpture is to blame.
around the holidays...I have no control.


I live in a

TimBurtonHauntedAppleOrchardYellowOrangeLeafPilePumpkinCoveredFallVegas Wonderland.


I think the above picture could be an entire post. Sit and stare at it with a coffee in the AM and

Life. Is. Good.

I just scrolled up and looked at it again. and my heart exploded. Those colors are for real.

There is a city tradition
 that a few blocks of one street downtown go ALL OUT for Halloween.

This street attracts a billion kids from all over the city.

I almost think that a billion is a fairly accurate educated guess.

Do not let this little guy fool you. 
He is the cute before the storm.

And. Storm

literally. too.

in an ideal world. I would carry around awards at all times. ones that meant something big. 
and this family would get one. 


This sweetie wanted to hold my sister's parasol. She handed it over immediately. of course.

It is very appropriate that I landed in the pile of leaves that is - This Street.

I mean, the day after Halloween. I was exhausted.
I think I still am.


I walked outside to this.

That. Looks. Terrible.


But is so hilariously on point.

And don't underestimate the exercise of clutching a bowl of candy for 3 hours. in the freezing rain.

plus thousands of candy dropping reps.

No lie. My arms were destroyed.


I walked to get some coffee in the morning. over a confetti covered ground.



These neighborhood people are on. my. page.

Speaking of my page...

This year for Halloween 2011.
 the Circus Came to Town. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dream Come True.

The Ringmaster.

Costume Preface: Homemade.

And in my current starving artist state I spent $8.00 total.
umm. that was just for the gold fringe I felt I NEEDED. it seemed really important at the time.

Everything else was already mine. and was edited with my sewing machine.
built out of cardboard.
or covered in glitter.
per usual.

Man it helps that my wardrobe could occasionally be confused for a costume trunk.
Would not be happy any other way. 

Started with my dad's old gray vest.
I altered it and. of course. circus-ed it up.

<--- psssst there is the $8.00 fringe.

And here is a teeny cardboard top hat I built.

That held up against 392031831 hits. and a downpour.

I kept forgetting I was wearing it. and was only reminded when it would smash into something.

 And we suited up two nights. so. 
it was pretty indestructible. twice.

Step 2- should always read- Add Glitter.


And I have people that will go the same distance. when it is important to do so.



The Clown.


The Tight Rope Walker.

The Circus Prep

Started with a spill.


And I present- the beauty of a neighborhood that goes to the max.

stop the madness. this cracks me up.

this castle went up in a day. and back down the next.

I never get tired of this idea. I just don't.

 someone talk to the ghost who leaned in the shot.


 I think the general rule of thumb is... 
when in costume, go to a diner.

 KE$HA likes pancakes too.

again. if I had awards. brilliant people like this lady. would probably get more than one.

And. I see everything right with this picture.

 But seriously. Halloween sets me back a minute. Because I can't go half way.

So. I will climb out of this real life drawing and get back to work.

This counts as work though, right?



Rhonda said...

you look like you had a blast on your awesome Halloween street. The pumpkin with the bullet hole kinda made me sad...

You are such a fun person!! <3

Rosie Smith said...

LOVE IT! now I know to hurry out to the far W>E> next year to check out your fun, happy street. :))

i love music. almost more than everything.