November 28, 2011

We will be capping the race at 5,000 Santas.

(nephew. wearing a Turuhl...nick, holding a tiger.)

I am sorry but when I get an email that says, "We will be capping the race at 5,000 Santas."  
I am paying attention. and then showing people how cool I am. 
because this is my important inbox.

I am also loving the fact that spellcheck is telling me SANTA cannot be plural. 
That is sort of amazing. and spellcheck is right. 

But this weekend I am running in a race where the entry packet includes a beard and hat. so need I say more about why I am running this race? They had me at.... "please wear your beard."

In other important news:

There are miniature ice skaters in my den that tell me Christmas is coming. 
True statement.

There is also a small house in my den that plays a Christmas song on repeat. and no one has complained once or turned it down. and as you will see in a later post. it has been here at a clutch time. so I appreciate its flashing lights and constant tune.

In the spirit of giving. and shopping. and smiling at things.



I added a few more of my illustrations to my website store.

Like this one.

and I now offer my illustration prints in 3 sizes.
(not all prints available in these sizes. just the illustration ones. you'll see on my site.)

25.00 for 10" x 10" prints. 

50.00 for 15" x 15" prints.

80.00 for 20" x 20" prints.

so peek around at --> <---my website.

and contact

to see if the one you want is available!

Happy Christmas.

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