January 11, 2012

Bigger than yourself.

I am seriously lucky. 


Except for that one time I got stuck at the VERY TOP of a rollercoaster. 

The 1st hill. Very top. steep angle. 45 min.

It happened. I lost all color in my face. And while I was never comfortable. I did document it.

This was years ago. but it sticks with you.

it just lasted. too. long.

fake smile of courage.

holding your body as upright as possible with a constant fear of falling backwards.

as they stop the theme music.










.and finally.

um. yes. we did.

 find the small people over there on the ground. who watched us the whole time.



So. Like I said.

I am lucky. 




Well. this one time especially:

One day someone walked by my studio 
and happened to like my sweet little eerie rosie cheeked rabbits with long arms and legs. 

(they listened to him)

this guy is a very large oil painting. tell your friends with very large walls.

And so we talked about opportunities.

And that lead to someone else. Who knew someone else. Who knew someone else.

Who was dreaming up an amazing idea. 

And Oh, 

It was one that I wanted to be a part of

before I even knew of it.

I knew it in my heart. 


See, I think.

I think we all want to be bigger than ourselves. 

and that is why this idea speaks to me.

It's a group of people
who are passionate and talented. And they have the same focus.

Empower young artists. 

and that means all young artists. 


This amazing idea is 

Live Art is a theater arts program for children of all abilities. 

and I don't think I can be more behind this idea.

one-  because I adore the arts and
two-  because I adore the power of the arts.

It is going to be moving.
to work on this.
to be a part of this.
to watch this.

To see students that have special needs claim their spotlight.

Expectations are

students will amaze.
everyone will learn. 
there will be celebrating.

Classes will lead up to a concert where the students perform with brilliant musicians. 


is responsible for this beautiful environment.

In collaboration with area artists, supporters, pre-existing special needs programs, and local arts organizations in the community.

There will be students with special needs working alongside
professional artists and students without special needs. 

It is about building each other up.

It is about being rich.


It is being documented.

For real.

Watch the trailer.


Please do. It is precious and exciting.



if you are moved to support Live Art in any way:

visit sparconline.org

You know that feeling you get- when you sort of want to cry because you are so moved to be in a room?  Yeah. So do I.

We had teacher orientation last weekend. and well. everyone is on board.

with wide eyes.

and big hearts.


I told you.

I'm lucky.

.art wins.


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Anonymous said...

I know where I want to be on June 3rd! The students are also lucky: you as teacher and mentor is a win win for them.
Shar Shar

i love music. almost more than everything.