January 28, 2012

Amazing people are weird.

I think to myself as I am wiped out on the floor staring at the ceiling.

and that is how I --- convince myself to keep going/ find comfort

When my weekends sometimes look like this:


 So I need to make a cat.

This is at the top of my to do list. 
and when I get stressed about my to do list I remind myself that "make a cat" is at the top.

and somehow that means I am winning at life.


this is just the base structure for the cat's head.

This creature is going to be for Old Kent Road Theater. and our latest jam. 

I say OUR because I am a collaborator with the company. And anytime you get to be a collaborator. 
You grab that title and hug it. 


And, this play is NOT about cats. 

That is one of the harder things to explain. out of context. 

That the work we do is closer to performance art than it is to The Music Man. and no offense to Harold Hill, because one summer I sat on my great aunt's back porch with my headphones on and replayed "Trouble" until I had it memorized. 

You know. so I could perform it. 


the chairs on the screen porch.


But about the cat. 

I googled "cat"

and. it is most important to now know that I am slightly frightened by cats. so this was awful for me.

to google it. 

and by were. I mean ARE.

sh. right now even.

even posting this picture gives me the creeps. I see at least 3 cats judging me to death.

and I say slightly frightened because I don't have a problem with cats unless they try and talk to me. or try and be mean to me.

and don't even say--> they aren't mean. I KNOW THEY ALL AREN'T.

( in fact I have two I not only like... but LOVE.)

number one spot goes to Mrs. Richardson. A neighborhood cat with a diamond collar and therefore it was decided that Mr. Richardson, her husband cat, worked all day to buy her bling. etc.

I held her even. Every time I saw her.

She's beautiful.

I mean. I was on the ground to get a BFF pic. so.


Also when my friend was dying it was her neighborhood cat that sat on her lap until her last breath. Regardless of friends rushing about.  
That cat is my favorite cat ever if I had to give awards. It loved on my friend BY CHOICE before she even got sick until her last second on this planet.
And so, she gets the award because of what she did for my friend. her name. fittingly... Magic.


but some cats have been sneaky and rude.
so I am cautious.

Let's just say... they've turned on me.

I am cautious about the ones I run by in the street. that watch me. 
their heads turn as they sit upright and judge my gate.

Once, a group was together... judging. 
and that was just it for me.

HALT- I said I loved 2 cats but make that 3-5. And that is because my love for cats is conditional.

If they can decide to stick a paw out and GET me. Then I reserve the right to say if they are cool with me or not. 



This is not an anti-cat post. 

It is a post about how I once had to make a cat. and therefore googled cat pictures for reference. 

And. how. right now. 





In conclusion, this is what my night looks like:



Anonymous said...

Whenever I check out your site/blog, I'm always happy that I did so. Keep being you.

Rhonda said...

I am having a bad day. My bad day had a bright spot in it. I heard my girls on the couch, reading "There's a monster at the end of this book" together. It was the sweetest thing EVER. Then I went back to my bad day. Ruined my dinner. The rest of the family's dinner was just fine. My spaghetti squash was under cooked and crunchy, my brussel sprouts were burned to a crisp. So what did I do? Ate a huge plate of pasta. Then I read your post and it made me sneeze. AHCHOO! I'm allergic to cats. You did an amazing job on making that cat out of nothing. Wish I could make something of this bad day. (and then I scroll down to put in the word to prove me a human and it's "cative") CATs everywhere!

Kelle said...

I am so tired and I have a post to write and I came over here and now I'm so glad I did. Dude, I miss you!! The cat. The cat. No seriously, THE CAT. Stop it with the cardboard cat. You're killing me.

Abby said...

Hi! I love your blog (and creativity!) and have given you the Liebster Blog award! You can find it here...


i love music. almost more than everything.