August 3, 2012

Things that creep me out.

 1. That my knee itches where it is numb. 


(full disclosure: I am 2.5 weeks post ACL surgery and the entire ACL experience is sort of creepy but specifically right now. THIS. you cannot scratch what you cannot feel. therefore WHAT??)

I have found out though.. that if I scratch on the right side of my knee in places. I feel it on the other side.


And I have nothing else to add to this list of "things that creep me out" because really, the itching is consuming my brain.


In other news:

I am only going to have orthopedic injuries every 4 years because:


I feel personally related to about 23 athletes right now because I am able to see every moment of their experience. And, you may say- LUUCCKKKYYY.

but dont forget.

I cannot scratch the left side of my knee.

however, yes. I am very thankful for the Olympics.
I have seen

Let us say what is true. 

(I am not against a shirt with that on it.)

I came to that conclusion. watching the Olympics. while also on pain killers.


I would say the same thing on or off pain killers. 


For more fun. watch this video. I almost cannot believe I am sharing it, but what good does it do to keep something like this in an iphoto library?

Worth watching. I am in serious mode during this little event. 



LC said...

that ding dang video kills me.

Anonymous said...
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meri said...

Hey, I had big ole hip surgery and my leg above my knee on the outside of my thigh is numb, I can't scratch it either, so I know what you mean! And there are spots on my leg where if I touch it, I feel it somewhere're not alone! -meri singer

i love music. almost more than everything.