August 26, 2012

websites can. and cannot. have a pulse. ALSO BUY A T SHIRT. and be cool.(er) than other people.

Hey. It finally happened. 

Apple was not joking about the whole Mobile Me disappearance act.

Losing mobile me as a website host means my website is.


Tragic. right?

Could be worse.

I am currently crafting paper newsletters and carrying them door to door on horseback. There you will find a list of all of my prints. shirts. paintings. design services. and prices and contact information.


not really.

That would be awesome though. just probably not as effective as a new website.


just me?


Im trying to joke to hide the horror.

SO. Since my site is down and I am seriously trying really hard to make a new one. ( I CANNOT BELIEVE I HAVE TO START OVER. I am both vomiting at this. and sort of numb.)  *

* i have no training. i google how to do most things. i am easily distracted. i took a 3 hr monday night class in college that i needed for a certain credit qualification. it was called= THE INTERNET.  so. yeah. i remember the pop tarts i ate in that class more than the subject matter. and the lighting in the room. very yellow.


My website gallery of prints. paintings. and other items for sale may have disappeared, but I will start posting some of that on this blog until it is back up.

I just recently had some questions about T shirts. So I will post shirt information here. in this little post of terror and nonsense. 

And remember.
email me with any questions about purchasing/ what is for sale. 
If you have seen it on this blog. I have it in my store. 

All inquiries go to-

But. yall. 

It's fall. and you know what that means.

you need a cool shirt that makes you look better than everyone else. 

Or that makes you look like you know something they don't know.

or that has a rabbit on it.


And the new one. So new I only have these sneak peeks. and still have a crazy variety of random colors.



Design- Follow Me

sizes- S. M. L.

colors- Sand. Light Blue. Honey.

Design- Art Is Dangerous

sizes- S. M. L.

colors- VARY. 


Shirts are unisex. slightly fitted.

each $ 25.00

have stamps. will travel.

if you will be ordering long distance style- add 5.00 to cover online order and postage. :)

--->  email- to order.   <---

and, if I don't have the one you want in stock, then it will be a tiny wait for a new order to come in.


In the mean time. rabbits are working on my site. 


kellybeth7 said...

I don't know what you have in the works for your new website, but WordPress is a really flexible platform with tons of templates (including free ones) and plugins for anything you could possibly think of. There are even plugins to help you sell things through your website. I've used it for a charity site, a little bakery in LA that sells products through their site, and a company website. It's worked great for all three!

Abernathy said...

I actually AM wordpressing it. thanks for the thoughts!!

Abernathy said...

I actually AM wordpressing it. thanks for the thoughts!!

Abernathy said...

I actually AM wordpressing it. thanks for the thoughts!!

i love music. almost more than everything.