December 8, 2012

Shards of Garland.



The other day beads just flew off my arm. literally. and I thought. So appropriate. and just left them scattered about. Because they wanted to be set free. 

I am a mess around this time of year. Don't even try and tell me you aren't.

Maybe I am an exception. I mean I know at least a few people who are crazed about the holidays like me. I know some scrooges too. but they humor my view of the holidays anyways because their bah humbug is kind of necessary.


someone has to play the "christmas aint my thing" card. I'm not saying that isn't an honest feeling.

 i mean some people dont feel the need to walk by motion sensor lights that sing. all. day. repetitively.
in their own kitchen.
 and that is perfectly fine.

Also. I understand we dont all celebrate Christmas.
And that is fine too. but it's the whole hope. life. light. love thing that I get wrapped up in.

And whatever brings family closer together is ok with me too.


I feel the need to report back to the world about the Christmas movies on TV. because. well.
I watch all of them. There may be some I have not seen. That is because they are on my DVR and I haven't gotten to them yet. 

I tend to watch them. and if I realize they are terrible. I still finish them. I have to. I am compelled to. 
I think there are a couple I have not finished. But that is rare. 

Most of the Hallmark or Lifetime plots:
small town USA. Single mom arrives. meets hot sheriff. and saves a local business right in time for Christmas Day. give or take a side plot in the North Pole or a sick family member. and guess what .... I WATCH ALL OF THESE. 

once I watched too many in one day.


Right now. As we speak. I am rushing to get some Christmas orders taken care of.  meeting with project teams. working collaboratively on neat things. and designing my new website - OMG it is coming so soon. MY ARM HAS A TWITCH THAT FRIGHTENS ME. because I have been logging in every piece of my art. in a repetitive motion. I feel like I am writing a final paper for a class and the bibliography is 5432 pages.

no really. I cant use my right hand very well lately. it has checked out.
everyone says this is lets go with that.

I am about to chuck punctuation marks at the screen and let them land where they wish.
wait. hm. dont I do that. already?

I am fighting the urge to stop working on my site. I woke up folded in half over my computer muffling the sound of my Manheim Steamroller Pandora Station. 

That describes my current state of things. 

More later.


Remember- Live Art? 
(Live Art is an all inclusive theater arts program that rules at putting people first...through art.  powered by art. and we all just watch and smilecry.. you know that feeling right?)

... well season 2 has started. officially... classes start in the New Year. BUT we got together with the students in a couple of workshops. and I can barely even type it...


and sang. and played drums.

and it was a quick workshop. just to see everyone and to warm up with some new students.. .


it was beautiful.



P.S. When my site comes back out. and is alive again...
(and I am talking about a new website. this blog will stay the same and just be linked to it.) 
...I will announce it on here and then SCREAM MY BRAINS OUT. because yall. its sort of awesome looking. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP.

so. in conclusion:

everything always happens at once.
new things can be scary. 
pass the candy corn.

wait. is that season over?.....

i miss my bed.


"It's hard to dance. with the Devil on your back. 
So shake him off."

-Florence and the Machine.


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