December 17, 2012

Sometimes I am working. and it looks different than when you are working. I mean. What do we all do anyways.

I drink hot beverages. and think. 


I often feel stressed. That is because I work for myself which means... I dont relax super well on the weekends. 

Sometimes I'm like... 



And while I am up to what I am up to, I feverishly check emails and lists...

It is a blessing and a curse to be involved in several amazing projects that I am passionate about.

Because they never leave my mind. or heart.
and my mind is full

way over capacity. 

There is a really angry fire marshal somewhere.


So. with that.

Let me show you something.

I have been doing a lot of this:



and framing.

many of these guys below are ready to go to a good home this holiday season. if they aren't sold already. I will let you know.

 if interested, contact:

I was hoping my redesigned website would be available before the holidays. But it is looking like it is going to be:
New Year New Site.


as always. for your orders and interest. and general kind disposition...


It should bring you great comfort to know little creatures of mine are traveling around this holiday season. I cut air holes in the envelopes. and boxes.

Last minute ideas? email the business address ( It is worth asking.

because in the mind set of Thanksgiving dinner, what's one more side dish when you already have a 2 story plate of food happening?...
just ask.

oh, look. an original ink and thread. this little guy is sort of the best.

12" x 12" framed illustration print- $85.00.

12" x 12" framed illustration print- $85.00.

11" x 14" custom framed fine art print- $150.00

12" x 12" framed illustration print- $85.00.


and while work is picking up. So is the holiday love from family and friends.

I take decking the halls very seriously.

and. in conclusion. there's this:


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