April 10, 2013

When the sun sets in magenta and orange and purple.

Spring is intense.

My mind jumps 43 feet ahead and I am ready for everything.

I am highly affected by the weather.

does everyone want to go camping.swimming.kiteflying.horsebackriding.beachsitting.andseefireworks. AT ONE TIME?


(i do not know where kite flying came from. but the idea is ALWAYS more chic than the reality)

I immediately want to live outside. on the sidewalk. In the same outfit for the entire summer. last year it was this one particular romper. boots. and a ponytail. or is that every year?

I like when my arms smell like sun and theres dirt on my skin.. I have no issue with that.

And while the country. mountains. and beach are blatantly right for summer.... theres something wonderful about sweating in the city.

I know. sometimes it can be miserable. artists carry so many things at all times. so... i know. grossness.

But everyone is wearing tank tops and drinking on patios and porches. The medians become parks. People just lay out wherever there is a small plot of grass. it is kind of amazing. everywhere smells like a sweaty cookout. 

This is starting to sound less appealing than I mean.

and this. there are magical hidden things. so. look for them.



Do you see this fort?...

This installation was created by elementary school children with learning differences.

It was student-driven. 

While we were working on it, I did not stop smiling or saying out loud, "this is awesome."

because it was.

Every time I turned around another child would come up with something they had been working on, and we would gasp, and add it on. 


We also asked them to think about messages. to tuck into the nest.

One child made a bird. Many drew things. wrote things. tied things on....

and one of them wrote this.

it doesn't say "my" house. 

it says "your" house.



That is the hope I am talking about. If you anticipate it....
You may get amazing mornings of fort making this spring.


later. a young adult group came and added ladders to the sky.

yes. I said Ladders To The Sky.

As one of them said, "you know, I like to show off my coolness."


and this is long overdue. 

but sometimes people ask... hey. can you make something for me?

They give me a little inspiration, but let me do my thing. 

and those are the people I love to work with.

The ones that trust me.

and this is a piece for two sweet people. that I love.

it was his idea to get her a piece of my art for their anniversary. 

he's cool.

happy spring.

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