July 31, 2010

belle nuit des étoiles

How can you remain uninspired for any length of time.

When the site of a sewing machine light in the dark looks like this.

And it makes me glad I am an artist. 

And that possibilities are endless.


And working on my deck on a summer night feels like 


Yes, There is a calm before a towering amount of work. 

Before hours of late night sodas and early bird songs.

Before mistakes. Before brilliance. 

Before. Wow. I thought it and then it was.

Before how to continue and what next and is this really getting me anywhere or getting anyone anywhere.


Excuse me, while I soak up the glittering night.



Royal de Luxe

I have known about this little girl, who is actually a giant, who walks through the streets. 

I have stared at her and her performances that push me back in my chair as I gasp at the shear size and manipulation of such artistic feats.

They are beautiful.

They are brilliant.

But yesterday, when researching amazing things, I saw that the marionette company from France, Royal de Luxe, performed as part of the yearly event in 2009 celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall.

This time, the little girl (who I repeat, is a GIANT) searches for her uncle.

And. by the way. This is unreal.

And when I first saw it, I had all kinds of reactions including audible shrieks from my seat in the back of the coffee shop. and weirdly enough, I was saying it made me almost throw up. in a - I CANNOT CONTAIN MY FEELINGS- sort of way.


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