July 26, 2010

Some kids are cooler than others.

Exhibit A.



I took a long trek from home and drove my truck into the country. through mountain roads, antique shops, and flea markets.

To teach:

M.A.D. camp

.Music Art and Drama. 

This arts camp draws students (rising 3rd graders - rising 9th graders) from all over the Southwest Virginia mountains.

And they are arguably some of the best kids. 





This was my 4th year directing the Art portion of the camp. 

The supplies take over my house.

Then I load them in my truck and blast some tunes.



And my not-so-secret obsession is... 

Is it pretty there?

I guess. 

If you like this sort of thing...

And the kids,

When they get excited, I do too.

and they can be awesome.

I love that they listen and lean forward when I talk about Mary Cassatt. 

And how her parents were worried that she wanted to be a professional artist. 

But she was one of few women in the 1860's who chose this path.

and committed to it.

And sometimes I even love how they raise their hand when they don't have an answer or a question, but they just got carried away and wanted to raise their hand.


And I find this out after I call on them. 

The whole feat is a rush. 

But I must say. I nailed my estimations this year on how many supplies I would need etc. 

Only a sequin explosion mid week and a minor scissor injury. 

Things went off amazingly well. 

And I miss their messes already.

Like when I ask them to take their trays and brushes and sponges to the bathroom and clean them off really well.

And they come back and hand the materials to me.

And before I turn around, I realize one student managed to fill the tray with muddy gray water and it is now running down my leg.

And the student is chanting as he trots away, " there you go. clean like you asked."

and I realize that he meant well, so I secretly toss this one in the trash.

Badge of honor.

You can't buy this stuff.

check out these guys.

Project avalanche.

This is the best shot I have of the belts they made. arg.

What was I thinking?!! It's like I was busy teaching or something.

some of the workshop leaders
we will.we will. rock you.

Go team.


In other news. I can't stop eating peaches. 

It is out of hand. *



      *I have had four already today. in a way-too-short time period. 

What's next?.... I couldn't tell you. I cant get off the couch and cope with life yet. zzzzzz.
so hard to function.


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