October 10, 2010

The last thing I would ever want at McDonalds is a fruit smoothie.

I'm pretty sure the world agrees with me.

poor fruit smoothie billboard.

also poor me.
because I just got back from VEGAS. and I'm so blue I'm navy. mainly because I'm addicted to my friends.

This picture is from happier times. pre vegas. I packed light.


also,  I currently survive off olives.


one thing the world should know:

it's facebook status serious.

on this trip, I barely made it to their show:  LOVE.

     click and view the trailer which does the show no justice. but you can see the tiniest bit of the brilliance.

we went because my sister last called the box office last minute and fit us into balcony seats. Aren't the best things always like that? the things you fall into that you realize later were necessary and pivotal to your life. near misses that were really never near misses at all. that were actually what you were meant to see and where you were meant to be.

LOVE is wonderful like their show:  O.  and it took me a seriously long time to stop walking around with that show in my head. and heart. 

clouded up my mind. in a good way, but in a heavy way.

click for this trailer. watch it   and again, remember, you will never know the full effect of the show until you are there and see the repeated visual explosions in person. 

The trailers focus on parts of the show. but the show in its entirety is the best design I have ever seen. 



well. They did it again with LOVE. They had me at "turn off your cell phones"

I cried twice. 

I wanted to cry more, but I kept it together. 


At this point in my life, when it's jump or be jumped.  (AHAHAHAHAHA.no really. it is.)

I am amazed at the support I get from strangers. 

Like the man at the pool on vacation. The one who overheard our conversation and described his plan for life. 

visualizations are blueprints for life
he says

So dream big. Think big. Visualize big.

think of what you can do. what you really CAN do. Not what you will barely do to make ends meet. 

because he says. that is what you will get. 

I completely agree with him on a lot of points. 

he was encouraging. encouraging in regard to taking risks. he says do it.  jump.

tablet drawing. love the tablet.

then he leapt into the pool. how appropriate.


When speaking of sacrifice. obstacles. challenges. and what other people think. he reminded us of the Shakespeare line:
"for there is nothing
either good or bad, but thinking makes it so" - HAMLET.


so fear not. 

this horse looked scared to me.

There are 2 morals here:

when a stranger at a pool sets you straight. you should listen. 


always try for last minute balcony seats.


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