December 24, 2010

bad guys vs good guys


Last week. I drew this at my desk. in a moment of slight concern.


Since my last post I have been really busy. 

Fending off bad guys. 

But I am very certain that leaving my full time- non art related- day job was the best idea. 

In my situation. 

Just to be clear :

I was working full time at an office job. and also full time as an artist. I never let up on the art. but. I eventually let up on the sleep. and the sanity. 

and after weekends of out of town art work, Mondays were hard. post trains.planes.and trucks.

And what I need. is time.

and the only thing to do at this point is jump face first into art. and risk for a minute.
and grab every opportunity there is. 
and make as much work as I can. 

So I am currently the least lazy I have ever been. and working triple time.

Kids. dont try this at home. 


Or actually do. 

Do try this. 

It is part hilarious and part empowering. 

And I have been reading a lot of things that apply to my life. and learning a lot of things that are blending together right now. 

One thought I read was that people are afraid of doing what they really truly want to do. 

but they aren't afraid of doing what they dont want to do. 

So, they will stay somewhere or do something because it is less scary. 

That's horrible.

To that I say, throw me in the haunted house.

did I ever show you this post-it drawing I did at work one day? ahaha
there's a lot where this came from. yes.


And as my first major decision. I travelled to a place where great thinkers think. and where their thoughts are celebrated.

(THAT is where Martin Luther King Jr. stood. 

"I HAVE A DREAM" is carved out. 

In real life, you can see it better. Which makes it that much more amazing. I adore him. 
Read his sermons. They are beautiful. and smart.)


and for me, this adds up to being the right thing at the right time. 


2 rights make a very right. 

and that's good. 

but with all good decisions come some unfortunate side effects. 

It's like our lower utility bill. 
being colder has paid off!!  
although it means hats are best worn INSIDE this place.

and I just realized seconds ago I was curled around the space heater in the fetal position. Because if I am now out of 2 inches of its heating diameter, I am thrown into an arctic tundra.

I also have it currently blowing directly into my face. My eyes have never been drier. but. Im cold. 
and I look like Gilbert Gottfried right now. 

I just pretend it's the North Pole. also I am exaggerating. but. seriously... like....bring a hat.


I am still fending off bad guys.


and to that. i say.

Stay tuned party people. 

Think big. 



3 cheers for my family and friends. 

I feel sort of bad because I think I got all the best ones. 

Like somehow I picked first and now all the good ones are on my kickball team. 

If this is the case. 

no take backs. 

mine are irreplaceable.

and to everysingleoneofyou. your support is ridiculous. Thank you is not enough.

guys. it just started. 
let's all freak out together. 

Stay on board. 

or stay running beside the train. with me. bareback. 




jerseygirl said...

This was beautiful Abby!! Where are you located these days. I look forward to following your journey.

Anonymous said...

You are one of the bravest people I know. I am forever loving your style. You will make it because you won't give yourself the time to think about not making it. I look forward to seeing how full-time art catalyzes your life. Be so happy! (I suppose you don't have to BE anything when you already are it now;))

kristin said...

This is such a thrill! People, stay tuned. This girl is going far. Abernathy Bland, I tip my hat to you.

i love music. almost more than everything.