December 30, 2010

The new year is coming, the new year is coming.

But before I kick away the shrapnel from the holidays...

and slam into 2011. 

I want to hold onto the sweetness of 2010.

my precious nephew. he loves all things new. 

and he knows when he cries. 432940234 people will answer.

ok I say he loves all things new. and he does. he loves to learn. 

But, side note-

he is usually deathly afraid of my gifts. 

And since I know this. I don't take that into account anymore. I almost assume and buy whatever I think is amazing anyways. 

This year I gave him a monster hat. and other creepy goodies.

you have to slip it on secretly over his not-so-scary 'normal' hat.

and maybe I am always relating life. to lessons. to life. and back again... 

but. maybe leaps and risks will be best accomplished when buffered by comfortable things.

So while I put on my monster hat. 

I surround myself with family. friends. supporters. a sewing machine. glue guns. and markers. 

Tons of markers.

And. I want to thank everyone for their support. 

doing what you WANT to do can be scary. 

But make this year about doing something


2011. is my jam. 

Awesome things are coming.

I am sure of it. 


We should all be this excited about something new:


website has a fresh look. 


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